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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wedding :Reunite us

Assalammualaikum ,

wow post title over tau :) reunite lagi hehehee , besides beautiful colorful dazzling wedding , with bridegroom , beautiful extravaganza decoration ...i just so in love the wedding because 1 strong reason ! which is , i have chance to meet up all my old schoolmate yang sudah 10 tahun tak berjumpa , ada setengah yang last jumpa masa spm ....wow sadis gitu.

Kalau dulu semua bujang bujang , tgh belajar , budak hingusan , tapi sekarang semua dah grown up beautiful , bekerjaya , berdua , bertiga berempat Masyallah , semua di limpahi kurnia rezeki dari DIA , yang berkuasa ALLAH swt .

I might not  closed with them , just saying hye , say hello in FB mostly everyday makes us closed day by day , So thank You facebook for a great job , making new friends and makes our life easier to keep in touch with friends.and yes u can even still connect with your old kindergarten friends .It's TRue , bukan cerita bohong ..:P 

other than that  ,  wedding event  is the right  moment to snap , to captured all our LOVE as a memory in a photograph , Thank you MR Camera .I do love u so much...:)

Let's share and enjoy the photo from my Nikon camera after edited using Befunky.com :

First : This is fairytale dais , Congratulations Nadia & hafiz , Happy Newlyweds .

Photo 2: SMKK ( secondary school ) girlfriend with the Bridegroom 

Photo 3 : SMKK's ex -student , we love our school yeah.....:) 

Photo 4 : camera so in love with us :P 

Photo 5 : Memory together always 1996- 2012 , inshaALLAH still counting :) thank you so much hanis for spending time with me the whole day , sharing a lots of story :) happy for u and ana , thank you  for this beautiful friendship , :) inshallah kenang sampai mati. Can't wait for next year, wedding events .

Photo 6: Owh i miss my instagram , i want my old tablet ,please ..sembuh cempat darling ..
                Instagram photo booth .

Photo 7 : Wear same dress i bukan artist okay so re-pakai baju same is acceptable :P 

Photo 8 last but not least ,, my princess intan payung : rania ,, as queen Rania at wedding photo booth :) 

OKay , next sapa nya turn kahwin ......:) mari kita serbu.

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