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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twilight : Edward Cullen

Assalammualaikum ,

Hye darling sayang , 
12 . 12 .12 -----> very nice date yay , perfect for a special day to be remember .I don't have any interesting story to shared beside rania now starting to *organized a big birthday party * at home , pretend to be a miss *knows everything * by leads the group , give jobs to all members ,

rania : bibi ina , u get the ballons,alright?
          toklid, please get cake alright
          maktok , please handle .......presents ( dot dot means rania mumbling something but i couldn't understand )

cute tho , rania still with her imaginary friends,zou ,lisa and gaspard .:) .

So basically my post entry today is because ................................................................................................

i don't want to miss this beautiful date , i can't waste time and need to *update * something .

Twilight phenomena thingy ,hahaha i know i'm late , but better late than never aite ?
All this started when i saw my sister's pictures in Facebook with her friends , watching Twilight , the breaking dawn part 2 , 2 times and planning to watch it again in cinema.I was like ....what is alll about twilight .?i saw many shirt, key chain , fhone cover twilight 's fan .I  watched twilight with my husband once, but i'm not into it , can't blame me , i don't like horror movie :p and the *pirates CD * also one of the reason .

When everybody is had crush on Edward Cullen , i prefer to watch disney cartoon and fairytale with my princess (",).I offered myself to accompany my sister to watch Twilight : breaking dawn part 2 for her 3rd times ,being me , i will just seat , relax with popcorn and watch it , but my sister suggest me to watch all the 4 episode so that i will get some clear vision on this last episode.

It's been a weeks she pass me her collections of twilight series ....until i watch it today after asr prayer .
Owh i 'm in love with Edward Cullen . no wonder everybody was so crazy on him .(",)

seriously i'm addicted to him .wuargghh do u think cinema still showing Twilight movie right now?

better go check tomorrow .

k then , till we meet again in my next post entry  , 
need to talk to my *hero * hubby , LOve him more.:p
(get well soon honey , take care )

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