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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

School Hunting : the best school? (Part 2)

Assalammualaikum ,

school hunting continued but this time i'm at home , do my survey online .

I didn't work yet , so its difficult to make a decision which school we should send rania.Hubby call me and suggest this islamic montessori .Honestly , i love the environment , their islamic way in every class.(",) suit for rania.As a mother , i have a tough time to teach rania at home , rania learn so fast , but rania have a BIG EGO :P tu ikut baba rasanya .

like whenever i told her or correct her , she will say * owh i know that * :p.

i'm not worried about her english or Bahasa melayu , because alhamdulilah she can speak english ( eventhough not so fluent or clear ) and understand when  we talking in bahasa melayu . i'm pretty sure she will follow her future teacher and be a good student .What ajf and me worried about is,, rania have some *lidah keras * to say assalamualaikum and alhamdulillah .she already 3 years old and she only can say ....kum .alhamdullillah i have taught her to take wudu' ,pray with me , and sometimes she will read Iqra using flash card .
when we asked her to say assalammualaikum , or alhamdulillah , yes she will follow but she  sounds like *mualaf* :( .other than that , i'm glad rania is still following the islamic way , such as she remember to wash her hands before and after eat , likes to take wudu' after she had shower , always remember to read du'a before eat and always said thank you ALLAH swt , and i love ALLAH .she scared i said ALLAH swt don't love rania doing mess, she will directly kept her toys ..

ajf and me love to use *explaining * method to teach rania , rather than scold her or punishment .For me is better to treat our kids as an *adult-baby* .So far rania can tolerate with this style ,

because of this reason , i prefer to send rania to a islamic school , 
Brainy Brunch islamic Montessor

shared video from yOutube .:)

 seeing this daily routine make me realize that i need to sacrifice my career , need an office working time or to be a fulltime housewife .:( dilemma .

 BBIM's Daily Routine

nice programme for rania, a bit tiring day with full days activities but i;m pretty sure rania will be happy with her friends , ya after 3 years alone with no -friends,kan ?

And the fees also not so bad , same as the other kindergarten .

the other option is , Little Caliph 

quite interesting when i go through their syllabus ,with same vission and mission ,
 offered to be standard curriculum for Islamic-English-Creative pre-school..


ermm, a bit tricky , hard to make a decision , well again she only 4 years old , let her enjoy her childhood moment . inshallah , , our aim  to provide good education for our princess rania,Lillahi Ta'ala.

i know its already december , everyone already register and i bet there are no-more available slot but as i said , rania just 4 years old , i need to be extra -careful for choosing right school for rania , i want balanced education , *duniya & akhirat * .

Inshallah ,,..school hunting still ON ..

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