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Friday, December 21, 2012

Rania's Milestone:Anger Management

Assalammualaikum ,

This will be a quick post entry , while waiting for kak ina , movie sleepover in her room :P regarding rania , who else my one and only princess darling , her milestone? well not to write details her development and as you knows kids will still be kids, for sure we always wants the best for them especially in this new era eveythings is super fast and canggih , i rather say it a Technology Era .

I usually will update or write down a positive attitude and her imginative thinking as well as her incredible idea besides her *kecomelan * rania also can be so tough and *little tiny* hard ...ermmmmmmmmmmmmm

Rania is really obedient , easy to realize her mistakes and say sorry, sweet talker like her baba:P , a bit stubborn sometimes when she didn't get what she want , etc her disney channel or even her junk food which is * tempe goreng * / Popcorn .

But now , i mean yesterday  rania started to feel anger !. , while i'm folding my laundry , she is playing with my belt 

Maktok; rania ,please keep mommy's belt.:) sayang .
silent from her, she went to my room and close the door, a few minutes later , she opened the door, and said out loud , 

Rania : Mak tok, this belt is mine !,huh.!!!!( still sound comel with her cute voice ) 
huh tu yang tak tahan tu ....sambil buat muka .

***************,but being a strict mom , i don't want her to be spoilt brat and explain to her what will happen if you didn't respect eldest , ALLAH don't love you , alhamdulillah she understand and say sorry 

second scene happen yesterday after asr prayers time , 

,Rania pretend to be doctor , and play with my stethoscope , she accidentally swung the stethoscope and oucccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhh right over my cheek bone, ALLAH knows the pain .....i told her that its hurts me too much  , yes she did say sorry .apologize accepted , but then she kept playing with the stethoscope ,and once again swung it again ,and this time directly to my eye.....wuarghhhouch.

rania ...............Rania .......................................................why u do this !!!

and you know what she said ?

Rania : I don't like you , i want to be doctor !

********************************* she went to maktok's room .

and bang the door.....

scene in mak;s room 

Mak : Rania, why you bang the door ?
Rania : i'm so ..........ANGRY , (sambil cekak pinggang ) 
Mak : (hahhahha) with who ?
Rania : mommy!

And Mak  did told me , she was mumbling about mommy, pain, stethoscope and sorry .hahhhhhha
is so funny things my rania know to feel angry !

No no , i will not let rania with her attitude, maktok explained to rania about respect , mother , heaven ,ALLAH dislikes such rude behaviour 

ALhamdulillah rania came to mommy, hug me ,kiss me, and say i'm sorry mommy 
i love you ,i miss you.

My princess, buah hati mommy and baba, ank kecil ibarat kain putih kita ibubapa yang mewarnakan dan melakarkan nya , :) hope rania will grow up as anak yang solehah.AMIN 

Till then , Good night 

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