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Friday, December 7, 2012


Assalammualaikum , 
A peplum is a suprisingly popular fashion item these days, just name a brand , i bet all brand have their own *peplum* .A peplum is like u 're wearing a short overskirt attached to your dress /jacket or even a long skirt.i'm not really sure when this peplum  phenomena started , but i'm pretty sure is from  ancestral times.
as a reminder again , i'm not a fashion designer or a fashion-police ,just one of the peplum's fan .look what i found in google last night , since 1935 there are already fashion peplum blouse .it looks very classy , elegant and decent.
People always said that not all body type can wear peplum? are u sure ?hurm i don't think so , there are lots of peplum design in the boutiques nowadays , so we just need to checked and experiment it while we can ! why not aite ?
so first design is : the standard peplum 
 contoh standard peplum , sesuai untuk pinggul yang kecil , but kalau buat labuh covered up our assets i don't see any problem kan ?kan ?
Then we have flared peplum 
this peplum macam ada short overskirt look alike A-line . kan kan ? 
Pleated peplum 
this is the famous peplum , bagi i ini la design peplum yang paling cantek dan sesuai buat semua jenis body type and also can hides tummy bulges pretty well .heheehehe  ( tapi sekali lagi sudah tentu harus labuh ye :) untuk kite yang beragama islam ) 
Last one is
Asymmetrical Peplum

 Yang ni i'm not really sure sesuai ke tidak , actually depends kepada individu ,either berani atau tidak .sometimes ada juga yang buat macam fish tail design , labuh di belakang and pendek di bahagian depan baju , still mengekalkan design peplum itu :) 
so pendek kata , Everybody can wear peplum kalau kena gayanya , i juga  meminati and ada la hantar kain for tailored-made baju kurung peplum ,pleated peplum ,my favourite .but it turned out so UGLY hahehhe need a little touch -up .
besides that , there are also a lot of tshirt/blouse with a design peplum on it .yay ...:) and it;s cheap too.

 heart her so much , her fashion sense of course :) 
sungguh bergaya kan ?

so comel right ? this fashion peplum u can wear it anytime casual look, dinner time , working outfit .
Peplum fever .
 ( all pictures taken from Google )

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