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Sunday, December 2, 2012

My unique eyes

what a best sunday , spending quality time with your family , i'm in the middle of baking a new recipe from one of my mak's old recipes book . , *jam roly poly* hahahikhik sounds funny aite ? while waiting our dessert bake in the oven , surfing internet , and  tergatal tangan searh regarding *abnormal mata  * like me !
DO you guys know that 2 mata i sebelah kecil and sebelah lagi  besar?
i'm not sure whether my real eyes is actually besar or sepet , but i'm pretty sure it's *sejak azali * ,since i was born .Honestly , masa kecil and zaman sekolah i rasa mata i ni adalah benda yang paling memalukan i pernah alami .i always blame my only brother sebabka mata i sepet sebelah because one of incident happen when our childhood time, he did punched my left eye .haahahahah okay that is not THE reason :). All my family member noticed about my eyes , im SURE lol, but they just ignore it because mak and walid understand this is a sensitive issue .of course darling is so embrassing .
Time flies , pursue study in University , met new friends , also  hard time as at the particular moment i still can't accept my *cacat * eyes .Kalau ambil pictures mesti i elak atau prefer tu posing senget or anyway pose style to hide my sepet eyes.
As u grow up , mingles around with all kinds of people, went to ceramah agama , listen to my mak 's story , i realize this is not *kecacatan * yang memalukan  but mata sepet sebelah is a special gift from ALLAH swt to me , seriously , not all got what i have, only the Chosen one ,Owh YA ALLAH ,swt , i  should be grateful .Thank you to ALLAH , .and stop complaining and ask why ,.why ...
Special more, when i met my hero , AJF , my beloved husband , he always treat me as i'm the most beautiful girl in this world.and he always remind me to love myself and every single things on me is BEAUTIFUL .
Love you suami .
Now, i'm so confident , and if last time when people asked me about my eyes, i will cry (my bad ) or trying to be cool by said yes i know that hahah or i will said *sakit mata * or just smile and go away .
BUt now, no more ,i'm so confident and happily answer that is  gift from ALLAH swt , and proudly admit that my eyes not same size.
like hubby always said , Your imperfection make you perfect to me !
Alhamdulilah , sekurang-kurangnye  i boleh tgk keindahan alam ALLAH swt dengan sempurna,and menjaga dengan baik harta pinjaman ALLAH swt ini .

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