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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Life of Pi : The epic fantasy adventure

Salam ,
Rania was so  upset when i told her i'm going out for *work * after maghrib last night , i don't want to lie but this is the only Strong reason i can give at the moment supaya dia tak ikut .Maybe because phobia * kena tinggal * dengan mommy for a year .Sorry baby doll :( my bad .
after Asr prayer ,while watching Barbie series : Princess and the popstar  with rania, i received a short message from kak ina , wonder if i want to join her for cinema with her friend. As usual being a fulltime housewife nothing much i can do besides being a loyal wife to my dear husband and a *slave * to my 3 years old pretty little girl whom a bit bossy sometimes , so with no -regret i say YES . and i don;t know what movie we will watch .what the synopsis or even the title.
So there we go , a small BIG CInema in KULIM , just 10 minutes from home ( sometimes it could e 30 minutes drive if jammed - don't be suprised kulim juga selalu jammed :P ) .For me it;s a quick movie warm-up with sister , without popcorn in our hands, without any expectation to this movie   ,we walked went down the aisle .and sit !
Frankly speaking, i'm not sure if AJF will watch this movie .  adventurous travel of  Piscine Molitor patel or known as PI ( pronounce as Pai ) ,  he been brought up in the Zoo in Pondicherry  , owned by his supportive father :) , This is my first time heard about the Pondicherry , (thank you again mr google ) , i should do more homework -map  tho .
Overall , for those people whom prefer action movie ,will said this is nonsense ,But not me, a sixteen year old south indian boy can survives at sea with a TIger , called Richard parker ( by mistakes actually the real name is Thirsty but there are incident happen with the paper work , so the tiger name have change ) for 227 days .wowo can u imagine 227 days ,i'm not sure how long we can survives at the sea with 90 cans of water and 20 boxes of biscuits ?
summary (thank you again mr google ) 
An unexplained event causes the Tsimtsum to sink, and Pi is the only human to make it onto the lifeboat and survive. Along with Pi, the lifeboat contains a hyena, a zebra, Orange Juice the orangutan, and Richard Parker the tiger. The hyena kills and devours both the zebra and Orange Juice, before Richard Parker kills the hyena. Pi is left alone on a lifeboat with an adult male tiger.
i love to share u guys what this movie all about but i dont want to mess my blog by copy-paste it , so just do some homework by google-ing it okay darling .  I am so in love with the beauty of nature masyallah , Praise to ALLAH swt 
and especially when PI and Richard parker went to magical island full with meerkats ,cute ?more scary looks to me :p, magical island which dangerous at night ,water became acid toxic .No wonder all meerkats and Richard parker the tiger ran away up to the trees .by the way,does the magical island really exist ?
the flying fish ,sailfin flying fish .or the scientific name : Parexocoetus brachypterus

i wish i have a chance to explore the adventurous moment at the sea, or even jungle but not with * richard parker * hahaha , :P .
Nasib baik i didn't bring rania,or else she wil keep saying "i'm scared mommy, tiger wants to bite me P" or she will say " i don't like this , i want go home ".
ok till then , life of Nadia :P


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