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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Johnny's Steamboat Restaurant

Assalammualaikum dearest ,

Sebelum ini selalu dengar ajf update blackberry messenger or sms , my family and ajf  always had dinner at Johnny's restaurant , at last last night dapat juga la merasa makan di johnny's .(",), Bagi i yang memang *hantu* steamboat memang tak boleh tahan tau :P , not too bad ( totally can't compared la with other famous steamboat restaurants but with affordable prices JOhnny's offered variety of menu .

There we go , we are 5 pax + 1/2 ( that would be rania ,of course ) 

as it's only for  dinner, and knowing that my sister is on her diet regime , we just ordered steamboat set for 2 pax , that costs us only RM29.90 , we chose tomyam soup .

busy browing the menu :), my brother not into steamboat , so he got himself a , BBQ beef noodles, i forgot to snap picture of his noodles, looks creepy tho .:P with the green color noodles.

the thai tom yam soup before we *campak* all the ingredients :)

banyak kan juga for 2 pax.:)

 Our Thai Tom Yam Soup (",) after campak kesemua nya :) 

Thai Pineapple Rice ( for RM 18.90 , you will get this rice with a glass Thai Tea + 1 scoop icecream and 1 small bowl Thai Tom Yam ) 

 Chicken wings ( RM 9.90 ) urmmm yummy

 For those who love milk shake, u should try their cheap and delicious milk shake .
strawberry milk shake RM 3.80

 Banana split ,desert for 5 pax, sharing is caring .Berebut-rebut tu yang best 

Erk..kenyang ALhamdulillah , what a pleasant dinner :) with affordable prices.
Thinking of getting this AJF , cool right ?it's only RM 199.and it's in pink yay...
After this we can ber*seoul garden * at home :)

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