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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gadjet Vs Rania

  Salam ,
Rania 's latest activity : i want to be like mommy 
hurm , eventhough watching disney cartoon everyday, she still request to watch all the Same cartoon at mommy's netbook.Owh rania , just wanna share one story with all , Rania don't like gadjet ! 
wow statement , yes to good to be true right?she is not *normal * i guess ?because what i noticed all the babies/toddler will attracted more to gadjet, e.g laptop, ipad, iphone , bb etc .But not  rania, for the first 10 -15 minutes maybe , then she will continue play with her toys .Maybe because ajf and i never download any games / any applications in our fhone ! Just simple du'a applications and IQRA apps for rania .that's all .
TO her, mommy and baba 's fhone is a BIG NO-NO  things to her , she only touch it when we asked her to pass it .
Like last nights, while watching online movie , rania kept asking me what i'm doing with the headfhone and a lots of question from my lil curious girl ,let her try and hands-on with the netbook.as usual rania will said no mommy , is not mine .is yours .
please help me mommy , hahahha ahaha 
i love when rania grow up as a REAL kids, playing princess ,tea party time with her dolls and teddy bear , & not be a BORING & gadjet girl .
BUT in the same time , i'm worried because most of the school nowadays using a COmputer/internet knowledge in their teaching method .easy way to attract children ,rania;s age for learning process.
so Rania , please DO like gadjet !!!

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