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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese

Assalammualaikum , 

I'm not a fan of carrot cake , but oleh kerana my beloved mak love it so much ,i 've learned  and study all Carrot cake recipes in you tube , google, and give a try to bake it with LOve as our desert for BBQ Party at maktok house .

I took recipes from mak;s recipes collection book .
From :unknown .

Ingredients :
4 biji telur ( asingkan putih telur dan merah ) 
1 1/2 cawan minyak sayuran atau minyak jagung ( I used minyak sayuran - u also can use olive oil ) 
150 gm Castor sugar ( i kurangkan - 130 gm ) 
150gm Brown sugar 
1 1/2 cawan carrot  - di parut 
100gm walnut ( i put extra :) )  ( i chopped into small pieces )

Bahan yang perlu di ayak : 250 gm tepung gandum 
                                         1 tsp Baking soda 
                                         1 tsp baking powder
                                         1 tsp salt 

Cara -caranya :
Panaskan oven 180 'c .
1) Pukul kuning telur sehingga kembang masukkan minyak , gula castor dan brown sugar .
2) Masukkan carrot yang di parut ( i used sudu ) 
3) Masukkan walnut ,kacau hingga sebati .
4) Masukkan Bahan -bahan yang di ayak tadi .( sedikit demi sedikit )
5) Di dalam bekas lain , pukul putih telur  hingga menjadi sebegini : (pastikan jgn ada air  , kalau tak tak kembang /naik putih telur tu )

6) Masukkan putih telur sedikit demi sedikit ke dalan adunan tadi , kacau perlahan -lahan (satu arah sahaja ye ) 
7) Bakar 45 minutes atau sehingga masak :) 

For frosting : 
120gm Butter 
250 gm Cream Cheese 
120 gm gula icing ( i used ONLY 50 gm ) 

Pukul semua bahan , sehingga kembang dan ringan .Sapukan ke atas cake yang telah disejukkan, dan hiasi dengna walnut ...:) 

 cut it into small pieces easy to eat :)

 (",) happy birthday mak , love u so much 
and now i think carrot cake will be my favourite ,with extra cream cheese of course ..:P

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