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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

BBQ Dinner : Yan , Kedah


Blog doesn't mean we have to write right ?i have no ide to write at the moment ,blur for a second .i would love to share all our pictures during the BBQ but now is getting late , to edit and upload so just bear with me and enjoy the foods okay .?


 yummy lamb....eslurp.....

 the homemade garlic bread : we tried LAURA VITALE 's recipes, 
garlic + daun bawang + olive oil + butter = blender together and spread on bread .:) 
and IMPORTANT thing , don't forget to put cheese on top .

 Our Potato salad

 My dinner last night :) 

We also had Cendol , walla  ..:)

usually my family only had bbq dinner at home just among us, but this time my sister ,kak ina and kakak suggested to celebrate mak;s birthday with our beloved mak tok with aunties and uncle, There we go , we prepared 60 pieces of chicken wings , and 20 pieces of lamb and marinate it with our own *orang kampung * style .:) trust me , it superb ....:) 
Other than that, we also have garlic bread, jagung , potato salad, cendol, carrot cake , Sosej , and lychee soda for our beverages .

What a short-planned dinner ,and alhamdulillah it turned...nice and memorable dinner with my BIG family .Nor that we never had a big dinner together ,but this is different as first time we having dinner at mak tok's garden :)

Planning for next BIG DInner at mak tok's house in future .

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