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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wedding Anniversary : Part 2

Assalammualaikum ...
 Hye darling semua , pejam celik pejam celik almost end of the year , december , and now dah nak  masuk 2013.,cuti sekolah ni ramai yang mengambil ksempatan meraikan hari bahagia di akhir tahun .(",) so weddings here, weddings there, wedding every-where so this is the BIG reason of my *MIA * ( missing in action ) 
and from the bottom of my heart , i'm really sorry couldn't reply all my friends's whatapps , msg and email , or even FB chat as my Samsung Galaxy tab had an *accident * .:( ,sebab nye mengapa lama i tak online and update my humble blog ., really disappointed sebab the * warranty from saudi kononnye dikatakan International world wide cover * tak boleh pakai !ouccc...so don't and Never EVER buy gadjet overseas &%&%%@# ( ke i yang tak pandai ) 
Enough talking about tab .
  A few days back in KL , full with hubby's cousin'  s wedding . We didn't help much  tho , just a little help for last minute preparation .doing some bunga manggar , door gifts and most of time just mingle around, but wallahi i would never used " ada anak kecik " sebagai alasan malas nak tolong .:P.
I would love to share all the pictures, but too much lazy mezy at the moment and some more i need to ask the bride's permission .
So, let's us enjoy with OUR picture , would you love ?
so for the solemnization , no fancy dress , just a simple lace abaya in black and maroon .love the details so much until i bought 2 abaya with same design ,different color.
 me with the groom ..oopppssss  :P my darling hubby

my both sayang 
for the bride reception , the family theme is in tiffany blue/ turqoise / baby blue.
Baby blue then....baju lace lama from medan .
and we also went to the groom reception a week after ,with the rombongan .and if i'm not mistaken the theme is green /mint green.Last minute so taraaaa....mix and mtch my old baju kurung modern in yellow pair with my online LOlysta long skirt bought at Miss Lily SHop ,online boutique from LANGKAWI .
Picture from my Instagram#
i'm really into mix and match ,this fashion always in my mind all the time .it's cheap, easy and absolutely stunning if u able to get a perfect pair with it .
no extra money $$$ needed, uolls.
k till then , 
wait up , i'm pretty sure everyone was like , * apa kaitan cite blog merepek i kalai ni dgn title post ni kan ?* , well nothing much , i couldn't find a suitable title, and memandangkan this all happen in november, cousin;s wedding is in november, to be exact is on 16 november, day after our 4th WEdding anniversary , it's just a sweet memory for us to join and shared the happiness .at least dpt la feeling macam nak kahwin dulu kan kan ? wangi pengantin bungarampai , and the colors, the crowd ..oooh i like weddings .
till then , salam 
naddy .

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