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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Royale Ice Skating Rink

Salam , 

we planned to have fun at KIDsZania , but too bad that we don't know KIdszania have their schedule time Thank you so much to the customer service staff , he brief a bit regarding whole activity in kidszania and mommy and ajf so excited about it, and i'm sure rania too...

we been thinking to do activity with Rania ,games , movie time but there are no movie are suitable for rania's age.been wasting time doing nothing 2-3 hours at The curve and suddenly we saw a bunting  the ROYALE ice skating .wowo

that's it ...this is our activity for today :) 

Frankly speaking , i'm not good in skating , hahaah so give a chance to mr ajf and rania :p .
Entrance fee ; rm 21 per /person not including with the gloves and socks Thanks to ALLAH swt rania brought her gloves ( i have no idea  hhow the gloves is in her bag , weird ) , and rm5 charge for waiting area .

 Rania so excited,waiting for baba to get ready :) 

 Socks for baba . 
Guess who is that ?
Fara Fauzana in the house uollss..hurm btw dia buat show pe ye ?
NONA ke ?takkan melodi nak cite about ice skating 

i'm ready mommy ...

Rania : Baba, hurry up .!!!.lets go ..

 there we go ....

Masa ni , budak ni merajuk ..
ada ke nangis tak boleh buat snowman.
owh my this is ice skating rink baby not snow house :P

mommy and rania camwhoring ,while waiting baba to * lepas geram * skating .

I'm not sure everybody know about this place, but i prefer here than ice skating rink at Sunway Piramid , to open hahahahha :) .
recommended place with reasonable and affordable price (",)
Harus pegi guys ..

p/s : k next inshaALLAH update our * happy & fun * time at Kidszania and   celebrate bibi izan's birthday at ZOO NEGARA

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