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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rania's potty training time

7th November : my status in FaceBook 
Turn on mode to potty training.time to say goodbye to diapers?
Hurm, mommy became cleaner for the whole day.
 Thank you to Facebook, kalau harapkan i harus lah sangat  nak ingat tarikh keramat semua .Rania dah 3 years ++ , maybe some parents rasa its too late  to start potty training but not for us , ajf and i percaya this is the flow for our princess.never to late for learning time .i'm so proud of you rania.
Mommy;s way to trained rania ....
We been thinking  what to call her *secret * thingy , and decided to taught rania to call *it* as flower .
 we prefer to ajar rania mengunakan medical term : so P.U pass urine , and BO :bowel open .
tapi macam upside down when rania asyik cakap even nak buang air or buang air besar ,she thought same thing ,BO.
and one more thing , rania also thought urine and stool came from same *holes* !shut 
susah nak explain even banyak kali mommy showed, even tunjuk pictures cartoon and siap lukis .

Day 1: memang confirm la mommy jadi cleaner, dah banyak kali cakap kat rania ,go toilet .
            tukar almost 4 kali panties .
Day 2: hurmm only 2 panties change .masa ni mommy every 10-15 minutes mesti trained rania g toilet
Day 3: Alhamdulillah , yehaaa mommy .Rania : * im so happy mommy , water came out * 
so , after shower , pakaikan baju , i always remind rania 
mommy: sayang , where should u go if u want to PU ?
Rania : in the bathroom ......................mommy 
pape sikit now , in the bathroom mommy ,, in the bathroom 
hehhe and kadang2 anak mommy ni saje je nak buat lawak, 
jwab , in the pants mommy ..hahahhaa  naughty ssangat :) 
Alhamdulillah , i'm really enjoy during the potty training .with rania yang lawak asyik mengusik mommy , lagi kelakar masa first day training :rania will screamed and nangis teresak-esak macam kena pukul hehehhe sebab  urine dia dah merata-rata .takut mommy marah lettew...
But now , mommy so happy and lega sangat sebab now rania happily urinate in the toilet bowl ,
because of that reason mommy and baba bought a present for rania ....
 easy for rania untuk pegi sendiri ( please excuse me for the inappropriate picture)
 so this is rania's story,bile besar can baca this story :)
till then , 

naddy .

Salam .

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