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Friday, November 30, 2012

Rania's Disney friends

Assalammualaikum , 

hye , good afternoon .Cepat sungguh waktu sekarang kan ?tup tup dah tengahari , baru je awal minggu , tetibe dah hujung minggu , Happy Friday , semoga hari jumaat kite adalah seperti hari jumaat yang lain , penuh dengan keberkatan amal ibadat .AMIN .

be the first princess in my family yang kahwin ,menjadikan rania sebagai CUCU pertama to my parents dan rania also is First cucu in AJf family , not only first cucu but she also THE FIRST CICIT .Married to the eldest 4 years ago, terus menjadikan i instant kakak ipar to  4 ajf's siblings ,rania is so lucky she even have 6 aunties and 4 uncle both, mommy and baba side .ALHAMDULILLAH 

Bayangkan la betapa akan *spoilt -brat * nye anak i , for now rania still berada di paksi yang betul ,heheheh ikut cakap,obedient, Praise to ALLAH swt.
Sebab itu juga rania don't have kawan , erti kawan dimana she don't have cousins or sedara yang rapat same age .kalau ada pun yang muda or yang tua dari rania .All my friends 's children kebanyakan masih muda dri rania , still baby.

SO , through my kaca mata yang jelas rania have her imiginary friends.and all from Disney Channel ! seriously rania is hardcore fan of Disney's channel .All time favourite character is

Disney clubhouse 
Doc McStuffins 
High 5 ( most favourite ) 
JUngle Junction 
Gaspard and lisa   
Handy Manny 
Timmy Time 
tayo the little bus 

tu je yang mommy ingat buat masa sekarang , dan tak dinafikan most of the new words she learned from the disney's channel.

imiginary  friends, her new friends skrg ni ialah Gaspard and lisa

Rania : Mommy , this is my friend gaspard and lisa 
Mommy : ok hye ....( hurm ) 
RaNia : mommy can i go to playground with lisa's dad.
mommy : okay , sure syng ( layan je ) 


rania ; mommy , this is my new friend, zou .
mommy : okay , hye zou 

rania even say hello zou masa i post this picture .
and * zou is my friend * 

sejak cite zou the zebra ni rania started to call me mum , and hubby -dad.Grandma and granddad to her both maktok and tok walid.kuat pengaruh kan ?

other than this two cartoon character , she also enjoy with HIgh 5, every day dance steps and the topic mesti *diolah* oleh rania , dia akan berlakon semula .

This is rania 's favourite tooo.:P
the main character is a doctor .That's a pretty big deal , but she's also very confident ,works hard to solve problems .i m happy rania like it so much .

For now , ajf and i enjoy with rania's imiginary friends , and happy looking at her development.
we just let the kids be a kid.don't want to put pressure on her (",) .

inshaALLAH , murah rezeki mana tahu rania will get her friends soon, a cousin perhaps ?
amin .  

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