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Friday, November 2, 2012

Port Dickson : rania's sand castle

Assalammualaikum ,

Bismillahirohmanirahim , 

When i was  little, i used my imagination all the time.My friends and i were dream we were this or that , As children, we have BIG dreams; and as we get older, they seem to fade away.right ?
MY walid always remind me,NEVER STOP DREAMING , because we never know, with the dream it can turns to reality with workhard, trust, pray and believe in ALLAH swt.

and i'm LUCKY my dream come true ,i met my *man* .
the father of my sweet little princess rania :)

He is so romantic in his own way , never ever gave me a bouquet flower ,( only once mother's day ,that was 2 years ago i guess ) , we have a differrent interest , different favourite food ,drinks,not the same hobby . kalau beli hadiah tak pnah la nak suprised ,we prefer to choose our own present , e.g i can buy my favourite things i certain amount of money , first , to prevent wasting ,and second we get what we want .hahhahhahahhahhahaaah ( gelak besar ) 

Motive memuji sang suami ( ntah dia still baca atau tidak blog kite lagi yang terusang ni ) ialah nak share romantic suprise ajf last last last week ....19 oct 2012 , Ajf off on friday , so tetibe je the day before ajf called, and ajak ber"picnic" , at the beach , memandangkan rania yang asyik-asyik nak ber"sand castle " 
so there we go , beach nearby to kuala lumpur is .....PD PORT DICKSON ,...

This is my first time to go beach in PD , don't know why my family never been there before maybe because we're not beach-people.
hehhhehe , Ajf told it will be a short picnic day so no BAJU SPARE !!!!hurmm,,,( i shouldn't listen to him ,only pasal ni la ) 

Sesampai je disana , we wasting a lot of time mencari tempat nak ber"beach " hahhahaha.sabar jela.mommy mmg malas la nak berpicnic ni .
then ,after pusingmemusing , terjumpa this cute baby blue cottage . cantek sgt i love it so much .so kite pun masuk and nak jejalan , then knowing mr ajf terus je checked in Ya ALLAH habibi -ku ,  with reasonable and affordable price di tambah gi dgn discount for petronas staff , (adik ipar =petronas staff )  

 saat kali pertama melihat blue cottage , jatuh cinta pandang pertama...(i want this ) 

 the store and drove-off area ,so peaceful

 The main lobby :) cool 
 swimming pool at our room .
there are no available house apartment 1 room , so we took house with 2 rooms.:)
 Evening walk at the beach ,:) rania enjoy built her sand castle.

 The banglo house ,:)
 and SPA too...what a blessed .:)

 we had our dinner at "Medan ikan bakar " nearby our hotel near kastam .we 're busy eating smpai tak sempat nak snap pictures.
Morning walk , nice weather to "mingle " around with the mr sandy uollss...:)
rania loves it so much .

i love u mr ajf , thank you so much for everythings
u're too good for rania and me ,we're so LUCKY ..

1st november : good way to start our journey to 4th years wedding anniversary .
14 more days to go baby ...

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