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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Long skirt :covered , comfortable and C..c...Clean

Assalammualaikum ...
hello darlings , 
Cantekkan this old hollywood dress,,look at their blouse design , owh so juicy aite ??

owh so in love with the blue soft satin long skirt , ermmmmm ,

so elegant , love the thin belt ,

see how it flow ....arghhh:) i love yellow ( even though i look dark in it )
i'm in LOVE with nude color , thanks to mr ajf .

owh so yummmmy..i want it badly .....

okay okay , this is my favourite outfit  simple , modest and looks so like "mak orang " bak kata ajf .yay , agreed on that this time .i'm not A brand-ed person , for me fashion is more to covered , comfortable and clean .hahahah ( i only have 2 definition of fashion ,just add CLEAN so its sound good hahaha ) back to the motive update entry is ....
i 'm now starting to LOVe and collecting long skirt and maxi dress.
so this is it , the cinderalla skirt , bought it at Calaqisya .a bit *singkat * for me , just wore it once.

my favourite cotton skirt in blue , bought it at one kiosk ,the curve ,Love it so much ...dah berbulu pun sbb always pakai hehe

this is actually my maxi dress ( i bought it long time ago - pregnantkan rania ) , but i wore it as a long skirt , match it with my awesome long puffy shirt .

see i told ya, i wore it again and again,the favourite cotton skirt in black  , match it with brown blouse with patch lace:)

hahahahaha..long blue skirt again , i love it so much so i bought 2 in the same color BLUE .match with the lace blouse from calaqisya .wedding time

this shocking pink maxi dress, i look U-G-L-Y in it ,so i make it as a long skirt , :) yummy flow...look gorgeous in the picture.In LIve , not really ! but i started to love it 

My first leopard maxi dress , gift from my sister ouch love it so much , wore it once.AJf don't like it , he did show his * NO-NO * face once, so noted.no animal print dress /shirt .with HIM .:)

 i feel more comfortable ,,rasa macam so nice, ayu je hehehhe dan sesuai je di semua occassion , of course not all, u can't go for jog with long skirt aite ?hahaha reminds me to  saudi women ,they wear ABAYA for jog okay,and that is so cool :) gonna try it one day here ,HERE i mean MALAYSIA i'm sure semua org akan .... "who is this crazy woman * ,....
i bought the paisley design kain ela , still thinking : either long skirt or blouse .hmmm shawl will be nice too right ?
and yes, i already found kain ela denim for my first tailor-made denim long skirt , going to see my tailor tomorrow.Hope it will turn *Normal* hahah
and i know ajf also prefer me to  wear long skirt rather than jeans .aite baby ?12 more days to go baby ,just can't believe we make it happen ,it almost there 4 years of marriage ,it's not easy but alhamdulillah we made it and long way to go dear .thank you for your endless support , Love, patience, Love u TOOOOO much .
k,night night sleep time .

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