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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Istanbul Aku datang ...

Assalammualaikum , 

Hye , it's Diwali and we just came back from picnic at Tree Top Walk, Hutan LIpur Sg Sedim , nice place especially for those interested with outdoor activities ,jungle tracking , like me :), but today we just had tea time , able to bake my favourite Murtabak cream crackers and instant homemade pizza .(",) , glad AJF love the murtabak cream cheese , notice he ate more than 3 slices even though he gave rate 7/10 .:P

But this time i'm not gonna  share about our FUN picnic, but about my FREE MOVIE TICKETS .

11 November 2012: Sunday , just lying down lazy ,gossiping with my Sister ,  browsing the internet and FB , ( housewife doing nothing after 3 pm,only me i guess ) , until i saw my schoolmate 's FB status , LINA MASTURA , 

Hello,ada sesiapa di sini berminat nak menonton "Istanbul Aku Datang" tak? 3 tickets,5.45 PM,Sunway Carnival Mall Seberang Prai.Siapa cepat dia dapat ya! Thank You =
hehehe , so i was like , keboom yehaa, dah lama we all tak go cinema together , so cepat terus tangan ni meng'click " LIKE and comment .Selalu nye we rather wait for VCD ( 4 months it takes for an original VCD ,i think ) .,or sometimes we just Download illegally .sorry :P. never done anymore for  years :).
Ok so after Private Message  Lina my hp no , and only for seconds, Lina sent me the Booking Number and yes it's FREE  , not 1 but 3 FREE TICKETS , yezza......what a blessed , ALHAMDULILLAH , . Macam tahu-tahu lina yang we all ni boring at home , and kebetulan 2, 3 days ago ada cari tickets for other action movie , but semua sold out , and for istanbul aku datang , malay movie pulak jarang sekali nak tgk di cinema , hurmm don't know why ,kalau semua org sikap macam i macammana la FIlem MELAYU nak maju .kan? better change my mind set .


Best  cite ni  ,interesting la romantic ,funny , tak boring walaupun masa permulaan agak lembap , suke sangat kecomelan LISA SURIHANi , as DIAN , she update blogs too :) and beto khusyairi , :) haiya ,very the handsome and macho looo...if my ex-housemate kak Ruze tahu ni mau dia ketawakan i :P dulu tak pandang si beto khusyairi .:) *jatuh hati * dgn lakonan dia especially in drama " aku, dia dan tong sampah " dgn Siti Saleha .
aand  one more attract me more is the location , masyallah I LOVE ISTANBUL , jealous sgt , kalau i still di KSA , mesti dah join my girlfriends this january /February .But Rania and AJF need me ....:) .Inshaallah who knows , one day sampai ke sana kan hehhehe :) 
so ringkasan film ni ialah about , Dian ( lakonan Lisa surihani ) whom so in love with her bf , Azad ( lakonan TOMOK ) , sehingga sanggup datang ke istanbul with her strategy plan mengharapkan her bf akan propose her untuk kahwin .macam tu la cite ,agak stereotype but sebab si dian ni cute sgt comel mnghadap sgt si bf ni ,and then si dian need to find another house for 3 months sementara dia di istanbul .mula-mula i dah dapat agak mesti si azad ni ada gf lain tu sebab macam * bo -layan * je dgn dian .:P predictable kan kan....?? so she rent a house bla bla ,then she found out that she have a housemate , seorang LELAKI , iaitu Harris , lakonan Beto Khusyairi yezza, suke suke tapi rambut ala, tak boleh diterima.Macam tu la cite , the bf jealous , gf found out the bf cheated , she fall in love with her housemate , bla bla...and ........better u all tgk sendiri siapa dia pilih last kali :P okay .  
So conclusion , its a romantic, comedy film , comel tambah2 semua baju lisa cute :) ..cantek ,and tak mustahil kalau i beli ticket untuk tgk lagi .geram comel sgt .berbaloi juga :)
.Thank you again LINA MASTURA , tq for the free tickets , i owe u my darling. 
Tapi tak semua film melayu berbaloi untuk di tonton kat wayang , macam film AKU terima nikahnya , hmm okla , im not bias, i okay je with the actor and actress cite ni , but is predictable , and jalan cite macam film hollywood, The Vow .kan kan ?sape dah tgk mesti tahu. tgk cite ni baru tahu yang rupa2nye wedding reception di adakan di Port Dickson , Blue Cottage yang i pegi hari tu ..nice place, yang paling menyampah dgn script for NORA DANish , tak habis habis with abang , sayang ,,abang abang abang ,lama lama geli pula.sorry , :P .tapi tak habis-habis * sakit hati * tgk semua wardrobe nora danish Ya ALLAH swt cantek sangat baju dia , all in pastel colour , especially her handbag , cantek , baby blue miumiu ....so tempting .
Btw , i tak sempat nak tgk AKU terima nikahnya in cinema, baru tgk smlm sambut *diwali* at home , with my sister .:P in her room , via walid's laptop 
yes from hard disk , but not me , my brother's friend download it .
xx punishme xxxx 
Good night
till then, 

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