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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Aquaria KLCC

Assalammualaikum ,

Hye darling ,happy weekends .
How are you girls ...i'm so excited and feel so fresh , rasa macam nak marathon update .yehaa. wish me luck 

let's start with AQUARIA KLCC .

(",) , this is my 3rd time went  to AQUARIA  KLCC..uhh -yawning- i know , boring .hhahaa 

first time : dating with AJF ( masa ni pregnant kan rania,first trimester )
Ibu mengandung teringin nak pi tgk ikan .:p
(too bad i couldn't find the picture ,inshaALLAH will definitely upload once i found it )

Second time : reunion with my ex-school mate .:) 

 and the third time with AJF and Rania (",).
yay, and this is rania 's first time.

 she really enjoy , i'm totally forgot the entrance fee hahahha  3times tapi still tak ingat .:P ( sebab mungkin bukan i yang bayar )we decided to go AQUARIA because rania kept saying she LOVES fish and imigination all about fishing using her " fishing rod "- using microphone , she even used ballon as fishing rod.hahahhahaso creative .we dont have any family whom like to fishing ,or even have the fishing rod , so ajf and i agreed to brought rania to AQUARIA , hope that she will enjoy to visit FISHES .

AT first rania so excited and berjalan jalan ke mari ke sini , after few minutes mula la penyakit malas , * up sky baba * mintak dukung :P...

 she is so scared sampai ckp : mommy i'm scared , fish will eat my hand..wuarghhh
( drama sungguh la anak mommy ni ) 

 both of them so excited :) mommy tukang snap pictures

 oooo...see the facial expression :) priceless..

We just spending all time together, i know i can't return back all time we missed one year ago .BUT i trust ALLAH swt have HIS own agenda for US , and as a wife and mother .I'm trying my best to be THE BEST for them .InshaALLAH .

Thank You ALLAH swt .
Next entry : ICE Skating ...


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