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Monday, October 29, 2012

Shoes Maniac : Flat or stiletto


Flats or stiletto ?

There are many kind of shoes: wedges,stiletto , kitten heel, platform,pump,open toe,ankle strap , t-strap , gladiators, ballerina flats and etc.which one is your favourite??

Nor that I don’t have interesting story to update hahhaa just think about it once I reached hometown  , shocked looking at my sister shoes  near the door.her stilettos is everywhere  , no wonder walid called her * kaki lipan * ,hahahah .long time ago , I also having this kind of disease, shoes maniac, 4 years ago., I have shoes  I mean a lots of shoes, stiletto, flat , with just normal brand , no brand at all I supposed, time masa study  dulu.i can’t afford to buy branded shoes okay :p ,….but after married , hmmm I lost all those shoes , might be left somewhere  hmmmm I have no idea, some I gave to the charity and some goes to *kitar semula* bin :) 

.so I started to have my odd , weirdo and boring color of shoes, as my beloved hubby , ajf he loves brown, earth color so I ended buying brown flats shoes,…and now I just noticed , a few minutes ago that I have , a lots of flat shoes especially in blue, brown, brown brown and brown hahhaa black black color.and 1,or 2 stilettos also in black ?brown color I wore to attend functions .ajf have his own reason , its more comfortable to wear flats ,especially when u have kids  , .honestly after  4 years living with my other half, I felt more comfortable wearing flats to go out , rather than heels, .kaki pun tak skait wooo…

 separuh kasut yang paling kerap dipakai 

 in other angle

I envy her so since rania is big girl  , so I guess this the right time for me to start  collecting my stilettos .or perhaps we start with * bodek* our sister ..for belanja me ,free stilettos please…

In love with her new Clarks  yellow shoes, wow…I want this …

She is totally mad,
But I love her thank to ALLAH  we’re not same size, IKalau tak huhuhu ,bising la dia kasut dia hilang ehehhe

 open toe

 ankle strap


ankle strap 


C!kpuanmuda® said...

banyak nya kasut.. like!

neverletmego said...

hehhehe :) me too .

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