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Monday, October 29, 2012

School Hunting : the best school ?

Salam Eid-ul –Adha from me , and family . I hope still not too late ,darling bloggers .

At last ,Alhamdulillah get chance again to update blog using my cute little blue netbook .Even though ada tab and all gadget facilities ,rasa PUAS update dengan netbook, owh I miss my keyboard so much .

After almost 2 months plus staying doing nothing at home , being a great superwoman housewife and mom to both my darling sweetheart , I decided to get my *brain* start  working .hehhehe , nor that I don’t like spending time with my lil princess, I just think this is not a right time for me to rest , and stay a home fulltime .My brain   can’t rest I guess..ada je plan , nak berniaga la, nak tu la nak ni la,Alhamdulillah , I received a call last week , job interview this week , wish me luck darling other than that my AJF and I also in the middle of discussion to choose the best school for her .school?rania ?big sister ? Masyallah yes she is,

Tadi after lunch , we went for school hunting ,my mom bising katanya kena cepat register rania for her primary school secepat mungkin seawal 3 years ( I guess dlu zaman kiteorg kecik walid daftar masa umur 3 tahun ) ,but the principal cakap it’s too early ,have to wait 2 more years .maybe new rules I guess.

Then , we went to Smart Readers ,
First choice, I’m happy and comfortable with the syllabus but the environment .hmmm a big NO-NO.

Second choice: is the Q-dees centre, mommy love the environment , the school so much .and rania already show her interest and started to mingle around , and the also have the cute and cosy gym area , piano class , tae kwan do with different charges but still affordable price , inshaALLAH .

So far , only this 2 choices we have ,still searching the best school for rania , heard that there will be new school-the little aulad  ,hmm hope they will start soon ..
School Hunting ..still on .
Just can’t believe that my darling daughter inshaALLAH will go school soon wuarghhhh my baby is a big girl.i miss u ,I will miss u .
Hurm , kalau boleh takmo dia besar boleh tak ….

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