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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Genting Highlands :Birthday Party

Assalammualaikum ,

erk..Alhamdulillah ,just had lunch with my parents and lil Rania .
Wanna to share my experience went to Genting Highlands after ermmm almost 10 years .huhuhu to me , the place still the same,nothing change .,noise, crowded and "tempat khayal" hehehe .

Remember previous post entry , we need to go back KL before 12 noon because AJF promised his friends ,MR SYed , he invited us to joined his family to celebrate his pretty daughter 's birthday at Genting HIghlands.
At first ,i was like...urhhmmm Genting ?what to do, and we recall back,we never been there as a family .
Ajf and i not interested in outdoor thingy especially now rania still small .BUt ..WHY NOT .
i bet i will be fun that not only us , but we go there with 2 other families.:) yahoo...Rania was so happy , sampai tak ingat mommy and her baba ;) excited with her instant "kakak" .

we arrived around 3 pm, bought for indoor games , ( it's rainy day ) 
and as usual rania's mom just ride a slowly, *lembap* train, no -no for roller coaster.i guess i'm still fobia , i don't know what happen to me ?after delivery ,outdoor games just not for me anymore .that it's .

i'm glad the birthday 's girl ,sharifah Sarah , happy and enjoy .The best birthday ever gitu ...:)

 in SNowworld Genting 

 The birthday girl :sarah 

      We had so fun , :) good food , good company .
thank you again .hmm but Genting Highlands is not our place .

k ,gtg , tata have to get ready now , going out with my sister n mom 

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