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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Genting Highlands :Birthday Party

Assalammualaikum ,

erk..Alhamdulillah ,just had lunch with my parents and lil Rania .
Wanna to share my experience went to Genting Highlands after ermmm almost 10 years .huhuhu to me , the place still the same,nothing change .,noise, crowded and "tempat khayal" hehehe .

Remember previous post entry , we need to go back KL before 12 noon because AJF promised his friends ,MR SYed , he invited us to joined his family to celebrate his pretty daughter 's birthday at Genting HIghlands.
At first ,i was like...urhhmmm Genting ?what to do, and we recall back,we never been there as a family .
Ajf and i not interested in outdoor thingy especially now rania still small .BUt ..WHY NOT .
i bet i will be fun that not only us , but we go there with 2 other families.:) yahoo...Rania was so happy , sampai tak ingat mommy and her baba ;) excited with her instant "kakak" .

we arrived around 3 pm, bought for indoor games , ( it's rainy day ) 
and as usual rania's mom just ride a slowly, *lembap* train, no -no for roller coaster.i guess i'm still fobia , i don't know what happen to me ?after delivery ,outdoor games just not for me anymore .that it's .

i'm glad the birthday 's girl ,sharifah Sarah , happy and enjoy .The best birthday ever gitu ...:)

 in SNowworld Genting 

 The birthday girl :sarah 

      We had so fun , :) good food , good company .
thank you again .hmm but Genting Highlands is not our place .

k ,gtg , tata have to get ready now , going out with my sister n mom 

Online Boutique Part 2 : OBB

Salam gorgeous,

Kef halik ? hehe just brush up my "broken" arabic ,mana la tahu kan dpt extra allowance for translator ( berangan org nak amik dia keje ) hehe .
 Just finished tolong bonda kesayangan memasak , bukan malas tapi dah balik rumah mak haruslah bonda yang masakkan .kan?

have u heard about OBB : Old Blossom Box ?
hehe funny la if tak kenal this famous online boutique by Local fashion designer ,Jezmine Blossom :) i adore her toooo much ( she so cute ) her design her artworks so classy , cheerful, colorful and with reasonable price too.Dah lama aim and berangan's nak tempah baju kat jezmine sjak di saudi .i sent an email to her but too bad she is too busy with over-load orders and she have to cancel my custommade -order .at that time i'm really disappointed , but pasang niat sampai je di malaysia , one day i will visit her boutique .

So on 6 oct ( see siap ingat tarikh uolls ) 

after had a breakfast at LONTONg specialist centre hihihi at Shah Alam,my other half AJF , super man melayan i and brought me to OBB boutique at shah alam sec 13 .owh my bukan je tuan nye kecik comel molek but also the shop.Rania loves all her soft toy and me envy the deco, :) and the best things she made our shopping day more easy by put all the clothes and dress by color coding .easy meh ....

 what i wore: nobrand long skirt /FOREVER21 blouse and belt /nobrandshawl /ZARA blue flat/

i bought this blue lace blouse.

But we're in hurry , have to go back to KL before 12 noon , so just managed to get OBB 's famous amous shawl novelty lace and pearl scarf in turqoise and one electric blue blouse with lace .

and my luck , i sempat jumpe the owner , Miss jezmine Blossom :) , she is so cute .and her voice too macm nak picit2.suke sgt sebb she remember me , customer yang banyak songeh, and can't wait nak jumpe her to fitting for my custom made baju  wink *wink


Monday, October 29, 2012

Shoes Maniac : Flat or stiletto


Flats or stiletto ?

There are many kind of shoes: wedges,stiletto , kitten heel, platform,pump,open toe,ankle strap , t-strap , gladiators, ballerina flats and etc.which one is your favourite??

Nor that I don’t have interesting story to update hahhaa just think about it once I reached hometown  , shocked looking at my sister shoes  near the door.her stilettos is everywhere  , no wonder walid called her * kaki lipan * ,hahahah .long time ago , I also having this kind of disease, shoes maniac, 4 years ago., I have shoes  I mean a lots of shoes, stiletto, flat , with just normal brand , no brand at all I supposed, time masa study  dulu.i can’t afford to buy branded shoes okay :p ,….but after married , hmmm I lost all those shoes , might be left somewhere  hmmmm I have no idea, some I gave to the charity and some goes to *kitar semula* bin :) 

.so I started to have my odd , weirdo and boring color of shoes, as my beloved hubby , ajf he loves brown, earth color so I ended buying brown flats shoes,…and now I just noticed , a few minutes ago that I have , a lots of flat shoes especially in blue, brown, brown brown and brown hahhaa black black color.and 1,or 2 stilettos also in black ?brown color I wore to attend functions .ajf have his own reason , its more comfortable to wear flats ,especially when u have kids  , .honestly after  4 years living with my other half, I felt more comfortable wearing flats to go out , rather than heels, .kaki pun tak skait wooo…

 separuh kasut yang paling kerap dipakai 

 in other angle

I envy her so since rania is big girl  , so I guess this the right time for me to start  collecting my stilettos .or perhaps we start with * bodek* our sister ..for belanja me ,free stilettos please…

In love with her new Clarks  yellow shoes, wow…I want this …

She is totally mad,
But I love her thank to ALLAH  we’re not same size, IKalau tak huhuhu ,bising la dia kasut dia hilang ehehhe

 open toe

 ankle strap


ankle strap 

School Hunting : the best school ?

Salam Eid-ul –Adha from me , and family . I hope still not too late ,darling bloggers .

At last ,Alhamdulillah get chance again to update blog using my cute little blue netbook .Even though ada tab and all gadget facilities ,rasa PUAS update dengan netbook, owh I miss my keyboard so much .

After almost 2 months plus staying doing nothing at home , being a great superwoman housewife and mom to both my darling sweetheart , I decided to get my *brain* start  working .hehhehe , nor that I don’t like spending time with my lil princess, I just think this is not a right time for me to rest , and stay a home fulltime .My brain   can’t rest I guess..ada je plan , nak berniaga la, nak tu la nak ni la,Alhamdulillah , I received a call last week , job interview this week , wish me luck darling other than that my AJF and I also in the middle of discussion to choose the best school for her .school?rania ?big sister ? Masyallah yes she is,

Tadi after lunch , we went for school hunting ,my mom bising katanya kena cepat register rania for her primary school secepat mungkin seawal 3 years ( I guess dlu zaman kiteorg kecik walid daftar masa umur 3 tahun ) ,but the principal cakap it’s too early ,have to wait 2 more years .maybe new rules I guess.

Then , we went to Smart Readers ,
First choice, I’m happy and comfortable with the syllabus but the environment .hmmm a big NO-NO.

Second choice: is the Q-dees centre, mommy love the environment , the school so much .and rania already show her interest and started to mingle around , and the also have the cute and cosy gym area , piano class , tae kwan do with different charges but still affordable price , inshaALLAH .

So far , only this 2 choices we have ,still searching the best school for rania , heard that there will be new school-the little aulad  ,hmm hope they will start soon ..
School Hunting ..still on .
Just can’t believe that my darling daughter inshaALLAH will go school soon wuarghhhh my baby is a big girl.i miss u ,I will miss u .
Hurm , kalau boleh takmo dia besar boleh tak ….

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