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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Online boutique

Salam dearest, 

Good afternoon, i'm done with all house works, nothing much to do as rania already big lil girl, huhu done with cooking, cleaning, i even do 2 sets of laundry trip.

Masa di saudi, teringin nk pg smua online boutique,and i ended up buying through online phew,  a lots  of damage but i think is worth it,.
I have list out all my favourite boutique i want to go,been waiting for my hubby to take  me there but since i got back from saudi ( tomorrow will be 1 month jobless) we're so busy with wedding invitations, syawal openhouse, rania's activities.

Yesterday after lunch with my old good buddy,  wanda n her future husband, we went to shah alam, section 7,  there we go. ?...
I bit upset as

Nurul wonder wardrobe : closed
Sugarscarf : closed
Radiusite : nothing new,  all old stock
Old blossom is far way at section 13,  planning to visit them on 30th sept,  preloved party :-)

And last i remembered one boutique that open until 9 pm,  yehoo. Is calaqisha yehaaa. ?..

Can u imagine my reaction.....
I became palpitation and owhhhhh my i want allllll their colllections. ?..
Manage to get few blouse n one long skirt that looks weird when i wore it huhuhahaha. ?.:-)

Im jobless and happy. ?...
Btw today is rania's first day without diapers.wish me luck beautiful

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What to wear today?


I'm not a fashion consultant, fashion police but being innjeddah for a year make me missed all my old outwear n to dress up.

So besides of addicted to instagram, i'm also addicted to  playing mix n match, pardon me if u saw me over-dress up.lol

Addicted to instagram?


Hye sweetie,  since i got back from jeddah,i think this is my second entry post.my strong reason why i rarely visit my blog is i don' t have internet connection and not to say that now i have a new hobby taking pictures via instagram, ouch. ?its so nice,,,,and now it became addicted.hush, headache?  huhuhu

So basically i'm now active with my Ig using my galaxy tab. No more cute netbook which i kept in our store (so mean) .

There are a lots of activities happen during post eid-ul-fitr, n party welcome me back home but i think i need to postpone it first and share it later ( when? Not so soon )

So peeps:
List of extravaganza super duper activities: visit my maktok post raya, visiting my relatives in kl with family, met my bff -out for dinner,  visiting ajf's relative,  get-together with ajf's siblings,  afsheen's birthday party,  short holiday with our neighbours to ipoh :-) ,met my first blogger's friend at her wedding, attend best buddy 's wedding whom i known when i'm in saudi,   celebrate walid's birthday,furniture hunting for our small,humble cribs, went to aquaria,  n a lots more.

Wow,happy being a fulltime housewife.

Till next entry, 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Housewife is fun


Hye bloggers,  rindunye nak ber- blog,  alhamdulillah sjk blik jadual sangat padat,  weekends je penuh dgn activiti menziarah dan pergi kenduri kahwin. 
Currently busy being a housewife,  :-) perasaan yg sgt indah yg teramat merindui selama ni,. Tak thu la sampai bila peradaan tu tkut mula bosan,  yela dh biasa keje kn. 
Tgh tunggu ajfulang dari kerja dan melayan kerenah rania ni.....
Jumpe next entry


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