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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Samsung Family

Assalamualaikum , 

hehheh ,  skip update entry . I have a lots of activities and busy working   counting days ,12 days more to go and 2 more shifts . NOw , i 'm alone , my housemate is working night shifts , bored nothing to do .
Samsung Family ?? huhuuh it's been long time for me to decide for a new gadjet for us ( ajf n me ) , after do some research, get opinion from the user , at last i decide to buy Samsung .
It easy , friendly user more cheaper for androids fhone , and not so complicated for non-IT like me .Actually i'm in lOve with I-phone product as i already have the ipod nano - watch from Ajf for our wedding Anniversary last year , but as all my friends , sister and also AJF , told me I-phone is more to Gamer .( Please correct me if I'm wrong ) ,

hahaha , from the non- gadjet woman , i became a fanatic and is like a disease 'man using this samsung ..huhuhu ,
and now i'm in love and having affair with INSTAGRAM ,:P 

i think you know by  now owh my dear Blog , why i'm rarely update entry :P....busy loving , busy countings .
I will wait until i bored with this new applications , i'm pretty sure i will come back to  update entry every day like before ( owh really ?) .
Been trying to update entry blog from my samsung Tab , :) call me old-fashioned , i still need my big laptop , and big screen with keyboard to type..:P

till then , 
just a boring and an ordinary update from me ,

Nadia , Jeddah .

btw , can't wait for my Masalama Party (Farewell party ) ,,.:)

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