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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My BIG Family in Saudi : Emergency Staff


Bismillahirohmanirahim ....

It's just around the corner,  i even  started  countings days since last 3 months dear darling , and now  its so near , so near  until  i can feel and see my AJF , Rania and family in my sweet dream .
i'm so happy trust me ONLY ALLAH swt Knows my feeling how happy i'am , but deep in my heart  i felt unhappy to left all my friends in Emergency department , being the ONLY Malaysian girl in entiry family of Emergency Department is not fun , is really hard but they make it easy fo me by helping me , guide me , never left me alone .

I don't have to ask , or even begging to them, they always  be there for me , be besides me , helping me doing all work , team work ,cooperation between doctors and nurses during an emergency cases , makes me feel i'm not ALONE.

There a lots of advantages being THe ONLy Malaysian nurse in My ER ,they put attention on me, known me well, respects me and even sometimes i felt like DIVA :p ...maybe my character , our malaysia traditions , taught me to be humble , be a good student and always learn to be a better staff nurse.

FRom 30 % ,now i 'm totally confident , a lots of procedures ,investigations , medication and treatment i 've learned here .Alhamdulillah  .Inshallah , i feel more confident to re-act for any emergency case with ALLAh's will .

To My Madam Salwa , ( Head Nurse ) ,To Madam Janine ( Site manager ) , Madam Maryam ( Clinical Instructor ) 
I knew you all will never read my blog , just hope u guys happy with "the small " gifts from me , is nothing to compared all kindness ,support given to me ,  YOU guys always bear with my "attitude " , my " bad mood day , my un-experienced in skills but STILL , u all suport me and encouraged me to be better me .Thank You for giving me an opportunity to brush up my skills .example , u guys trust me and let me taking care of patients ,whom just intubated Icu patients even though i'm just 3 months old nurse , and still in my probation period that time .:) 
i became a different person .:) strong brave and :) brave .

To All My lovely , emergency friends , 
we are 100 staffs group but still we're like big family , eat together , laugh, smile , taking pictures even we're so busy , became toxic (i learned new word here : Toxic= busy ) ,even 3,4 times code blue pershifts but i still can survive , smile , all because of u guys.
They had  taught me meaning of friendships, no jealousy , honest , and remind me that there are still  "Real friend" in this world.

TO my ER DR , and doctors in ALL speciality 
Thank you so much for being such a good friend of mine , especially Dr shahad, DR Nesreen ,(medical oncall ) ( tq for the gifts , LOve it so much ) 

Hope that we still keep in touch ,forever ...:(
Thank YOu again for their unwavering support and guidance .
Till we meet again in future.

Sharifah , jeddah .

being myself , :)

It's reflect me ...Back .
that's the real happiness.(",).


suriani azwan said...


neverletmego said...

thank you mama sue,,:) tak sabq nak balik ni .jumpa nanti kenduri kengkawan heheh

MAizAmAzLaN said...

can't wait to hug my BFF :)..take care dear..hv a safe journey..

neverletmego said...

babe , tq me too, can' wait to see u n zara :-) miss u both. nnt jmpe gossip okay. love u selmt hari raya

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