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Saturday, July 7, 2012

PinkBerry Vs The frozen Yogurt factory

 Assalammualaikum , dear , 
Hye momsy again .i;m not a super goood blogger right now , always skip to update entry now.This story on 5th july, in wednesday when i 've got my haj holiday  that they owe me .I'm super duper happy when i 've received a fhone call from my filipino friend told me i got holiday off from work yaho..so instead of lying down lazy  ,i woke up,do some laundry , cleaning and jump to the swimming pool .:) yehaa..what a simply fanstastic quality bonding time .

At night , my senior friend, sister Irnani, plan to go to REd Sea Mall, i ;m not into mall or shopping this moment but heard about this mall , remind me the super delicious favourite yogurt PINKBERRY,

I'm not a fan of yogurt but after this pinkberry mashallah i'm in love with yogurt ,original flavour .its so original true taste , u can taste the texture so soft , yummy , smooth, and milky.:) with the fresh fruits ,and its cheap too, its only cost me SR22 for the original flavour with free 4 toppings.

We're having Pinkberry yogurt at The frozen Yogurt factory shops..:P

 This is the frozen yogurt factory , is like Tutti fruitti , self service, weighing , aand pay ..and expensive tho,like this ,half way eaten , cost my friends Sr30++.and the taste ...Just okay..:P

(",)..so little time,,:( but yet we had special and quality time.Seriously,gonna miss u guys ...:(

I'm alone ? nope, ALLAH swt always with me and inshallah only half way nadia...
La Tahzan 

Is not fun being sick when your family not around !


Cindyrina (The Princess) said...

owh! enjoying yourself with yogurt and girlfriend..have a good weekend dear! take care!

neverletmego said...

:) :) tq my darling..u too..have fun .:)

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