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Thursday, July 26, 2012

My First Ramadhan in Kingdom of Saudi

Assalammualaikum , 

In the name of ALLAH swt ,The All-Compossionate ,All Merciful.

Hye , Alhamdulilah im glad we're in Holy Ramadhan , being far away is not fun but celebrate Ramadhan here in Kingdom of SAudi  made me realized how lucky i am , give a chance by ALLAH swt to be here.

I'm in night duty when Saudi TV announced the date of 1 ramadhan , and it is TOMORROW ( 20th July 2012 ) .
The soohor ( sahur ) in Hospital so extravaganza special, glorious  :) , and a lots of food also , i;m busy eating , till forget to snap pictures .

After finished my night duty , i don't even feel tired or sleepy , what's  in my minds is i just need to go to Makkah , having iftar there for  first time of my life , tarawih and umrah :) alhamdulillah my friends Neeta , was on her leave  and here we go to Makkah by Car after zuhur .

Eventhough i 've heard everybody told us NOT to go makkah in Holy Ramadhan month , but STILL...nobody can't STop me at that  moment ,except ALLAH swt .
Sayang , alhamdulilah with ALLAH 's will ,
We having  iftar with kurma , Air zam-zam and arab-tea , (nice tho ) ,

After maghrib , rush we went to AL-safwa Tower , and of course we craving for malaysian food , at felda d'saji ,
Had heavy iftar with Nasi beriani Ayam and bubur jagung ++ their famous 'teh ais'

Mashallah , masjidilharam is so full , we done with solah isya' , tarawih 20 rakaat .
 the best things is in Saudi , all government officer or even private sector   will start working at 9am - 3 pm, and all the mall will start open at 10am and closed after zuhur ,and will be in business back after tarawih , until 3 am ,:) yehaa yes , while we in Makkah , after tarawih , we spent time and window shopping , it's almost 2 am but feel  still around 3-4 pm .hheheheh ..

had our soohor with nasi khabsa , waallahi its so yummy ...and only sr 30 :)

 :) Alhamdulillah i managed to do my umrah after subuh , and :) Thank You ALLAh swt , ,i wil miss msjidil haram ,


MAizAmAzLaN said...

i wonder....when is my turn...>_<

MAizAmAzLaN said...

i wonder....when is my turn...>_<

neverletmego said...

inshallah dear ..:)

Si Matatajam said...

Salam Ramadhan from Langkawi....

neverletmego said...

Salam ramadhan sweetie :: sister

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