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Monday, July 16, 2012

Muka baba , Perangai Mommy

Assalammualaikum ,

Hye sayang -sayang mommy ,

:( mommy tak boleh tido , rindu rania and baba sangat ,Rania ,please tell baba that mommy loves baba so much okay .

Rania , 
31st July is just around the corner, pejam celik pejam celik, baby doll mommy dah masuk 3 years old .Mashallah , you grow up so fast , like baba always said , u so charming , beautiful , brilliant girl :) Thanks to ALLAH swt . and u became so perfect exactly like your baba , that is what your grand-father ( tok baba ) told mommy .

Rania , 
Baba  sent rania's picture petang tadi , hahha he told mommy ,  rania merajuk like mommy ::P and you keep merungut like mommy juga nak makan , and rania also nak makan pizza like mommy ..:( ouch syg , you 're really like mommy , my twin ..:)

Rania , 
LOve you sayang so much ...

 ~Rania enjoy her pizza ...~

~ eyummmmmmu nice mommy , try mommy try mommy , miss her so much ..:(

 Dating with baba,, nnti mommy join you both , soon..rania enjoy sucking her fingers sambil silang kaki and tapping her other fingers while listening to music .heheh

Rania playing with her doll....muamuamuah 

Mommy loves rania so much ...

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