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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy T.H.I.R.D Birthday Wan Rania

Assalammualaikum princess mommy ,

30thh july 2012, 
I'm supposed to have my nice quite off day on this day ,and planning to get my beautiful sleep as i already promise my family and Rania especially to skype on her birthday , which is 31st july .But unfortunely , i 've received a call from so-i -call - panggilan maut , asked to come for a extra night  duty , better to say they cancel my off .shut lucky i've slept all day long .Frankly speaking im not taht bad , i rarely shown my tantrum towards people except to my husband hehhehe but this time,at that particular moment , i can't resist and control it anymore , i bang the door , ( ER door of course ) i didn't smile , which before i'm very good PR .i'm not ready for work , didn't prepare my self well for work that night !! and plus more spoilt my mood as 'm float nurse which means they called me to come for extra to help in other department : which is WELL BABY NURSERY(WBN) , aouch can u imagine i'm with babies,.sounds so drama , yes i 've delivered , with a daugter :) beautiful daughter alhamdulilah but in WBN,need to take care of 6 babies , to bath them , to feed them and they 're fragile + little tiny .
Last time i handle  this little tiny is when rania was born and first time is when i was posting in labour room in UKM ,while im studying .
SO ca u imagine ?at first 2 hours , wallahi , i felt so mad , tension, headache will  ba, bies crying wuarhgghhhh i want to go home NOW kind of feeling .

BUT .........
The moment  i carried one of my baby , fed him .Ya ALLAH , now i know why ,HE , the all compassionate , ALL merciful plan for me , i couldn;t spent time with my daughter and family on her birthday , but ALLAH *bring * me back to my sweet memory moment holdings her in my arms,* tears* ....remind me , her first original smell ,:).....i miss that moment and pray ALLAH swt will give me another opportunity to get through the same experience soon in future  , inshallah ...:)

Wan Rania, 1-2 hours old : at this time all nurses call her baby snow white as her skin color uhuk like her baba ..hhhiiihi...definitely not like mommy .

 wan rania at her  2 days old , with chubby cute cheek , definitely not like mommy .

 wan rania , 1 year old , on her 1st birthday party at McDonald ,:)

wan rania : 2 years old , small party at tokwalid & maktok 's mansion :) (small party  )

wan rania 3 years old ,,:) cutting her birthday cake :) skype -ing with mommy :( miss u sweetheart .

this picture taken from bibi ina's facebook , rania wearing gown + princess headband :) 
officially 3 years old .

rania , 
mommy & baba love u , so much , nothing much mommy hrap dr rania , hope u will grow up to be a bright , beautiful and solehah girl.

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