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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

*Halal food *

Assalammualikum girlfriends,

Mashallah what a bless , i'm so happy when i saw my "new " working schedule, heheh i got from 18 shifts working to 11 shifts .hehhehe i even photocopy it almost every day when i went for my duty .

*forgive me you all* 

Lately many things pop -up from my working place , i mean negative ways, but knowing me ,i just ignored and pretend nothing happen even i can feel one day my superior will call me .* closed eyes tight * 
 But i don't feel like to talk about it today .I visited one blog ( not-my-friend ) and honestly i think she have a unique and interesting blog ( tak de kena mengena ) and reminds me that i didn't update my story about our holiday with rania  to singapore and johor.Maybe i need to make an appointment with MR -Blogger to sit/lying and tell a story .

I'm not in the mood to share at the moment but what can i say rania, AJf n me had a lovely and fun time together :) especially rania when she saw all the disney cartoon character :) and her first time ride in the bus and roller coster in Universal Studio Singapore .

now we go to the exact story : halal food, we only stay one day in singapore ,thanks to ALLAH its really difficult to get halal food in USS .as i know there are only 4 or 5 restaurants  have Halal statusin USS
and i almost buying sandwich and bread  at BreadStory shop until the cashier told me it with Pork ..:) and thanks again to my talha , the chinese girl maybe will not tell me if i didnt covered my hair ,but still alhamdulillah , anything can happen now, be extra careful when choosing your food , even in malaysia.

We are what we eat !

the only food we ate in USS...:P


saliha said...

heehee sj nak komen..if u pg lg uss, better try mkn nasi beriani (i guess) kt dpn mummy tu..
subhanallah sgt superb~

neverletmego said...

:) salam.thank you,ok inshallah kalau dpt pgi lagi..harus pegi kan ..:)
tq dear

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