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Friday, July 27, 2012

Excess baggage

Assalammualaikum ,

* Story happen on 22nd of July2012 * 

One of my girlfriends in ARABIAN hOMES , already touched down at MALAYSIA and i bet now she is busy planning for her BIG DAY in syawal :) 
She went back by Saudi Arabian Airlines , at around 2315Hr AS usual , the meet and greet officer will fetch you up , and prepared your passport and sent u to the airport ,.just incase if you wil ran away hahahaha ,crazy , everybody is dream to go back for good :P...

So this is short story what happen in the King Abdul Aziz Airport in Jeddah , we line up and waited for ages :( bored , as we can say only few of malaysian ,i mean only us !All of the passengers are going back to INDIA ,i guess.It's nearly 2230hr , neeta still far back from the counter & still not check in until one officer calling malaysia , kuala lumpur , kuala lumpur for many times - experienced like at the PUDU Bus station :P u ollss...

After checked in , bush , excess baggage , the limit bag is only 50 kg per passenger and + 10kg for Al fursan card holder , BUt as neeta is going back for good , even she already cargo all her things , she still have excess baggage , i more box left  , 11.7 kg .They direct us to Excess baggage counter and after checking the price , waallahi , neeta need to pay sr90 for 1 kg , and u can calculate for 11.7 kg man ....no way !
I have experienced like this before when sending my friends, so i meet the supervisor , whom super busy handling little chaos in airport while checked in , he is so polite eventhough he did'nt even look at my eyes when he talked to me ,nor that he is rude " but i can see his sweat rained from every pore of his body, after convincing him , telling him bla bla bla , we're going back for good , brought gifts for family , 
 what i can hear from him is , what ever and please dont waste my time: at that moment i feel so bad n sad for neeta .and suprised when he continued saying : please bring your luggage mam, and hurry up  please,we will take care of it . wuarhhahaahhahahhah yehaa,, we did it and we made it .... and we checked in again neeta 's last box,dooommm checked in cargo :)

Aren't they gorgeous ?and they 're even more beautiful on the inside.

Sometimes we don't need to follow the rules too much , show some mercy please peeps..:P

I Love Saudi Airlines .up to 50 kg you all...:P

had icecream , at mcdonalds : sr5 

selamat berpuasa , :) 
1week ramadhan .


suriani azwan said...

nadia berapa lama lagi kat sana?

neverletmego said...

:) inshallah raya ni balik sue .

intan izani said...

best puasa di tempat lain, merasa pengalaman pahit manis. selamat perpuasa nadia.

neverletmego said...

:)..alhamdulillah dear ,:) tula belajar , experience ,selmt berpuasa dear .take care

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