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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cheese cake Day

Assalammualaikum cantik...
In the name of God, most Gracious and most Merciful

i declared today is Cheesecake day for ME, after cleaning -up the fridge with *old* foods ,i remembered friend of mine , Neeta Kutty  gave us ,my housemate and me all her left-over foods as she is going to go back to Malaysia in 72 hours time including cream cheese ( still not expired okay ).So instead of doing nothing , i do some "baking " in the kitchen while giving moral support from far to my housemate , ruze ,she is so busy with her JCI report thingy hehhe.And she requested me to  help her bake a cheese cake for their  breakfast meeting tomorrow .

So here i am , in the kitchen ,pongpong apang ....my kitchen turn out like garbage centre , full of pan, tupperware and cheese spread everywhere , i 'm in love with baking process but not-so in the cleaning process.:P.

tara .....i made 2 cheese cake ,

1 bake rasberry cheese cake for RUZE , 1 No bake rasberry cheese cake .
For the bake cheesecake ,same recipes i used before .

fOR no bake cheesecake , i 'learned from my SIfu , Chumi Cugus: 

It's so super simple, quick and "clean" method .:P using gelatin

Ingredients :

600 gm cheese cream 
1 can cream 
120 gm sugar 
gelatin 10 gm + 25 ml hot water 
300gm plain digestive biscuits ( crushed )
125 gm unsalted butter(melted )

-Combine biscuits and melted butter and press in 8 or 9 inch spring foam cake pan ( i used 10' inch ) 
-keep in freezer while preparing the cream cheese filling .
- Combine cheese cream , sugar , and cream ,kacau atas api ,then add gelatin.
-Pour cheese mixture on biscuits base and we're done .
-Keep in fridege for 6-8 hours , and u can add with rasberry filling .

i bought this cute **box* at hypermarket danube only for SR4.95 :)....so cute .with spoon .
so ideal for party .




me suya said...

wahhh pandainya..Suya xreti pun buat cheesecake

neverletmego said...

:) salam dear ,
biasa2 je dear ,tak pandai sgt :) masih belajar , cuba lah recipes nadia tu inshallah menjadi

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