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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Castle carrot fondant cake with Love for rania

Assalammualaikum bonda & rania ,

This is not personal entry post , i knew my mother always be my super duper fan and silent reader beside my lovely handsome husband .  i pretty sure all girls dream and imagine they are  princess  and living in the castle , my rania no exception , she LOve to be princess and wearing dress and gown and will scream ,  momy mommy look look is a castle castleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....with double triple eeee .and smiling jumping .. especially when we went to USS last May , i can't explained her facial expression hahaaah

So for my second fondant cake , we ( my sifu and me )  also my two lovely friends, decided to make a castle fondant cake :) . My sifu bake a carrot cake and i prepared for the fondant thingy .it was a very energetic , fun , quality time :) honestly i learned a lot from my sifu .

Lets picture do the story :

 * ignore my appearance :we talking about cake,focus to the cake pelase  hehe *
this time , my sifu taught me to make a cream cheese frosting as a *glue * to make sure the fondant place nicely .

 I'm started with my yellow fondant .

 our castle , its supposed to have 2 cakes , i big and medium to make a castle cake , but no time to bake another one so we just proceed with the small , castle for rania heheh e

Our castle cake , thank you sifu chumi cugus , kak ruze and Neeta.
Rania castle, can't wait ,only one month more nadia ,then i can play fun baking with little rania..


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