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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Visiting Makkah :12th & 13th July 2012


In the name of ALLAH swt ,

I am so blessed with the short 2 days off after non- busy working days i am happy decided to follow my sisters in islam to perform umrah yesterday .Actually it 's a 2 days one night stay , they arranged for  " ziarah " trip to Kota makkah ,which i 've already went before during my first time umrah and night stay at middle class hotel approximately 10 minutes from masjidil haram .

We went on 12 th July after zuhr, and planning to back to jeddah on 13 th after jumaah prayer as i have night duty on that day .at first i was planning to stay at home alone doing nothing as i'm thinking that  i need rest for my next duty today and don't want to take any risks .

As i always trust , we only plan , but ALLAH swt have a nice plan for us , better plan .
so without thinking any consequences , and thinking about my feeling , " how i miss masjidil haram so much and kaabah , i decided to start packing my things too when i saw my housemate busy packing her "telekung "..i felt so jealous ,( i think this kind of jealous-y is acceptable by ALLAH swt hehehe ) .i am planning to solah , "mengaji " and ziarah only , just want to have a nice "picnic " moment in masjidil haram ,nor that i don't want to do umrah , i'm afraid i will be more tired .

So here we go , we went there by car, 6 of us have a smooth and :) fun journey , after checked -in to hotel ( i totally can't remember the hotel's name) , ustaz khairul Arifin brought and guide us to visit important place in makkah , Gua tsur , Gua Noor ( Gua hiraq ) , Jabar Al Rahmah ,and we also visit  mina, mudzalifah , padang arafah.
even this is my second time visiting , but still i felt like first time and still felt touch with the story , rasulullah "s sacrificed for us .:(

After finished visiting, we went to masjidil haram , and perform our maghrib , and had our dinner and rest in hotel .

early morning around 3 o'clock we directly walked to masjidil haram , and i'm so happy again even i'm not in a good mood, ( i'm sad ) ALLAH gave me a new sahabat , from indonesia , YEYEN sriyeni ,:) she is so beautiful :) mashallah ...:)...:) from jakarta , we shared our story and i'm so glad we exchange our bb-pin , our facebook .:) called me stupid, old mama, but i love all my friends and i love to make new friends...
                                                          ~new friend of mine ~

(",)...in other way, we all sisters...in islam  tho .

It was a short -tiring day but i had fun with my friends..
more fun when i received a call from my department at 3pm , told me that my boss gave me holiday again today !and yes :) i knew ALLAH swt always love me , i visit HIS HOUSE and HE gave me a present .:).

enough say , ALLAh swt always love us , care about us , :)

Just don't ever forget HIM,,,(note to myself)

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