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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy T.H.I.R.D Birthday Wan Rania

Assalammualaikum princess mommy ,

30thh july 2012, 
I'm supposed to have my nice quite off day on this day ,and planning to get my beautiful sleep as i already promise my family and Rania especially to skype on her birthday , which is 31st july .But unfortunely , i 've received a call from so-i -call - panggilan maut , asked to come for a extra night  duty , better to say they cancel my off .shut lucky i've slept all day long .Frankly speaking im not taht bad , i rarely shown my tantrum towards people except to my husband hehhehe but this time,at that particular moment , i can't resist and control it anymore , i bang the door , ( ER door of course ) i didn't smile , which before i'm very good PR .i'm not ready for work , didn't prepare my self well for work that night !! and plus more spoilt my mood as 'm float nurse which means they called me to come for extra to help in other department : which is WELL BABY NURSERY(WBN) , aouch can u imagine i'm with babies,.sounds so drama , yes i 've delivered , with a daugter :) beautiful daughter alhamdulilah but in WBN,need to take care of 6 babies , to bath them , to feed them and they 're fragile + little tiny .
Last time i handle  this little tiny is when rania was born and first time is when i was posting in labour room in UKM ,while im studying .
SO ca u imagine ?at first 2 hours , wallahi , i felt so mad , tension, headache will  ba, bies crying wuarhgghhhh i want to go home NOW kind of feeling .

BUT .........
The moment  i carried one of my baby , fed him .Ya ALLAH , now i know why ,HE , the all compassionate , ALL merciful plan for me , i couldn;t spent time with my daughter and family on her birthday , but ALLAH *bring * me back to my sweet memory moment holdings her in my arms,* tears* ....remind me , her first original smell ,:).....i miss that moment and pray ALLAH swt will give me another opportunity to get through the same experience soon in future  , inshallah ...:)

Wan Rania, 1-2 hours old : at this time all nurses call her baby snow white as her skin color uhuk like her baba ..hhhiiihi...definitely not like mommy .

 wan rania at her  2 days old , with chubby cute cheek , definitely not like mommy .

 wan rania , 1 year old , on her 1st birthday party at McDonald ,:)

wan rania : 2 years old , small party at tokwalid & maktok 's mansion :) (small party  )

wan rania 3 years old ,,:) cutting her birthday cake :) skype -ing with mommy :( miss u sweetheart .

this picture taken from bibi ina's facebook , rania wearing gown + princess headband :) 
officially 3 years old .

rania , 
mommy & baba love u , so much , nothing much mommy hrap dr rania , hope u will grow up to be a bright , beautiful and solehah girl.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Shopping raya through BB messenger

Assalammualaikum , 

Hye gorgeous , hehe semalam  AJf call me katanya nak bawa rania beli kasut baru  for rania, ermm rasanya baru je i balik may lepas bawakan kasut for her dah tak muat , bebudak memg cepat membesar nasib baik  beli time sale and hanya yang murah saj kalau tak memang menangis la :) 
 So seperti biasa Ajf sgt suke ke sunway Carnival in seberang jaya , i think he went to Pay Less shop , i been there once before :) so organize , different size and pattern , easy mesy for a guy to shop actually kata ajf , so there we go opps they go , :) while ajf choosing shoes for rania , he snap all pictures and show me , so i'm kinda imagine i was there with them 
owh i miss shopping with them ..:(

so this is rania's  favourite , ajf bbm me 
rania : i wanna blue shoes..and sambil buat muka cute ..:P

and of course la mommy need to say no , nak pakai g mana ?:p kan,, mengada je rania ni 
and then mula sesi menerai semua kasut 

macam momy si rania she don't like kasut terbuka -buka ni , pakai sandal ni terus cakpa ouch baba , ouch baba ( sakit la tu maknanye )

and sesi menerai bersambung .......

and, and at last , baba hanya beli 2 pasang je for rania :) 

after penat melayan kerenah rania ,:) yang AJF cakap mcm shoppin with mommy je :pbanyak peel :)

Honestly bb, thank you so much , u memang di lahirkan untuk bersama semua wanita , ramai wanita di sekeliling u , ur siblings ramai perempuan, my siblings all perempuan , :) u sgt bersabar dgn kerenah , attitude kami ,..:( im sorry syg , and thank you sudi menjadi suami and u been a good father , friend for rania ..:)
love u more, and inshallah i will be back for good ,soon hubby soon 

Rania's secret admire

Assalammualaikum , 

In the name of ALLAHswt ,

Hye , i baru je habis night duty , cuba untuk tido tapi mata ni tak mahu lelap pulak , sambil -sambil  layan FaceBook , and tgk pictures my rania so terlintas nak update my blog yang lama ku biarkan usang .:P

Berkenaan tajuk hari ni , rania diusia 2-3 tahun ni pun dh ada peminat setia :) hhehe kecik-kecik anak mommy dah ada ramai yang call nak ckp ngan dia ( especially mommy andbaba ) , and dia boleh buat dek je , takmahu cakap , stakat cakap hello mommy , where u go ? and once kite cakap gi keje terus dia ckp OKAy Bye , like mommy hahahaaa..itu kire okay dia rajin bercakap kalau tahu dia buat -buat tidur, dgn siap berdengkur g ..hehehe 

Rania kecik2 dah ada dpt poskad bukan dari saudi ye , dari KL je pun ,:) kuala lumpur hehe my sister a.k.a rania's aunt, bibi izan , :) 
Kakak i sudah transfer ke Putrajaya , Jabatan perdana Menteri , so i bet she also miss rania too mcuh like me , :) 
ni la salah satu poskad rania terima :) 

 And yesterday rania terima lagi satu , but kali ini bukan postcard but parcel dari putrajaya juga , her first birthday present  form BIBI izan , thank you bibi , her first hard -cover - album from rania's birth until 3 years old :)

Thank you so much bibi izan :)
mommy , baba and rania love bibi izan so much ..

Friday, July 27, 2012

Excess baggage

Assalammualaikum ,

* Story happen on 22nd of July2012 * 

One of my girlfriends in ARABIAN hOMES , already touched down at MALAYSIA and i bet now she is busy planning for her BIG DAY in syawal :) 
She went back by Saudi Arabian Airlines , at around 2315Hr AS usual , the meet and greet officer will fetch you up , and prepared your passport and sent u to the airport ,.just incase if you wil ran away hahahaha ,crazy , everybody is dream to go back for good :P...

So this is short story what happen in the King Abdul Aziz Airport in Jeddah , we line up and waited for ages :( bored , as we can say only few of malaysian ,i mean only us !All of the passengers are going back to INDIA ,i guess.It's nearly 2230hr , neeta still far back from the counter & still not check in until one officer calling malaysia , kuala lumpur , kuala lumpur for many times - experienced like at the PUDU Bus station :P u ollss...

After checked in , bush , excess baggage , the limit bag is only 50 kg per passenger and + 10kg for Al fursan card holder , BUt as neeta is going back for good , even she already cargo all her things , she still have excess baggage , i more box left  , 11.7 kg .They direct us to Excess baggage counter and after checking the price , waallahi , neeta need to pay sr90 for 1 kg , and u can calculate for 11.7 kg man ....no way !
I have experienced like this before when sending my friends, so i meet the supervisor , whom super busy handling little chaos in airport while checked in , he is so polite eventhough he did'nt even look at my eyes when he talked to me ,nor that he is rude " but i can see his sweat rained from every pore of his body, after convincing him , telling him bla bla bla , we're going back for good , brought gifts for family , 
 what i can hear from him is , what ever and please dont waste my time: at that moment i feel so bad n sad for neeta .and suprised when he continued saying : please bring your luggage mam, and hurry up  please,we will take care of it . wuarhhahaahhahahhah yehaa,, we did it and we made it .... and we checked in again neeta 's last box,dooommm checked in cargo :)

Aren't they gorgeous ?and they 're even more beautiful on the inside.

Sometimes we don't need to follow the rules too much , show some mercy please peeps..:P

I Love Saudi Airlines .up to 50 kg you all...:P

had icecream , at mcdonalds : sr5 

selamat berpuasa , :) 
1week ramadhan .

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My First Ramadhan in Kingdom of Saudi

Assalammualaikum , 

In the name of ALLAH swt ,The All-Compossionate ,All Merciful.

Hye , Alhamdulilah im glad we're in Holy Ramadhan , being far away is not fun but celebrate Ramadhan here in Kingdom of SAudi  made me realized how lucky i am , give a chance by ALLAH swt to be here.

I'm in night duty when Saudi TV announced the date of 1 ramadhan , and it is TOMORROW ( 20th July 2012 ) .
The soohor ( sahur ) in Hospital so extravaganza special, glorious  :) , and a lots of food also , i;m busy eating , till forget to snap pictures .

After finished my night duty , i don't even feel tired or sleepy , what's  in my minds is i just need to go to Makkah , having iftar there for  first time of my life , tarawih and umrah :) alhamdulillah my friends Neeta , was on her leave  and here we go to Makkah by Car after zuhur .

Eventhough i 've heard everybody told us NOT to go makkah in Holy Ramadhan month , but STILL...nobody can't STop me at that  moment ,except ALLAH swt .
Sayang , alhamdulilah with ALLAH 's will ,
We having  iftar with kurma , Air zam-zam and arab-tea , (nice tho ) ,

After maghrib , rush we went to AL-safwa Tower , and of course we craving for malaysian food , at felda d'saji ,
Had heavy iftar with Nasi beriani Ayam and bubur jagung ++ their famous 'teh ais'

Mashallah , masjidilharam is so full , we done with solah isya' , tarawih 20 rakaat .
 the best things is in Saudi , all government officer or even private sector   will start working at 9am - 3 pm, and all the mall will start open at 10am and closed after zuhur ,and will be in business back after tarawih , until 3 am ,:) yehaa yes , while we in Makkah , after tarawih , we spent time and window shopping , it's almost 2 am but feel  still around 3-4 pm .hheheheh ..

had our soohor with nasi khabsa , waallahi its so yummy ...and only sr 30 :)

 :) Alhamdulillah i managed to do my umrah after subuh , and :) Thank You ALLAh swt , ,i wil miss msjidil haram ,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ramadan Kareem

Once a year, our journey will come to that point of time where we must refrain ourselves the most.
That time has come again - here's wishing all Muslims around the world a Happy Ramadhan ♥

Cheese cake Day

Assalammualaikum cantik...
In the name of God, most Gracious and most Merciful

i declared today is Cheesecake day for ME, after cleaning -up the fridge with *old* foods ,i remembered friend of mine , Neeta Kutty  gave us ,my housemate and me all her left-over foods as she is going to go back to Malaysia in 72 hours time including cream cheese ( still not expired okay ).So instead of doing nothing , i do some "baking " in the kitchen while giving moral support from far to my housemate , ruze ,she is so busy with her JCI report thingy hehhe.And she requested me to  help her bake a cheese cake for their  breakfast meeting tomorrow .

So here i am , in the kitchen ,pongpong apang ....my kitchen turn out like garbage centre , full of pan, tupperware and cheese spread everywhere , i 'm in love with baking process but not-so in the cleaning process.:P.

tara .....i made 2 cheese cake ,

1 bake rasberry cheese cake for RUZE , 1 No bake rasberry cheese cake .
For the bake cheesecake ,same recipes i used before .

fOR no bake cheesecake , i 'learned from my SIfu , Chumi Cugus: 

It's so super simple, quick and "clean" method .:P using gelatin

Ingredients :

600 gm cheese cream 
1 can cream 
120 gm sugar 
gelatin 10 gm + 25 ml hot water 
300gm plain digestive biscuits ( crushed )
125 gm unsalted butter(melted )

-Combine biscuits and melted butter and press in 8 or 9 inch spring foam cake pan ( i used 10' inch ) 
-keep in freezer while preparing the cream cheese filling .
- Combine cheese cream , sugar , and cream ,kacau atas api ,then add gelatin.
-Pour cheese mixture on biscuits base and we're done .
-Keep in fridege for 6-8 hours , and u can add with rasberry filling .

i bought this cute **box* at hypermarket danube only for SR4.95 :)....so cute .with spoon .
so ideal for party .



AL-Murjan Beach : Sisterhood Moment

Assalammualaikum sisters,

Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking
And when she passes, each one she passes goes - 
 she looks straight ahead, not at me
And when she passes, I smile - but she doesn't see (doesn't see) 

of course la i will not smile back  , my AJF in malaysia :P not in saudi .
even music   not allowed , i still can hear this song when i walked by  the beach :P
called me fantasy :P

hehehee h , i had  great time yesterday, walking , picnic,eating at AL-Murjan Beach .
We plan  for picnic almost a year   but due to hectic and different shift duty we have to postponed  .Alhamdulillah yesterday ,we managed to go there together before back for good and before Ramadhan .

It was a nice evening , my friend drove to the private beach , took around 40 minutes from our compounds,   after showing our residents card ,we got discounts ,we pay only sr50 instead of SR 70 for the entrance fees . ..:P NO abaya required .:) 
i  plan on writing more  but i'm so lazy , share some pictures.

 busy capture  ALLAH's beautiful  creations 

Spot the food : Roti jala& kari ayam , nasi lemak , Brownies and cupcakes .
we forgot to bring water ,hehehe :P minum air laut masin amik ko.

 U-G-L-Y me..:P but Love it , we do some photo-shoot pre-wedding for my friend , without her groom .:) 


 ESCADA model :P 

 what ????? camera not allowed :P okay tayeeb , 

 i'm not MODEL,i'm a daughter,sister,wife,mother ,nurse , friends....

She is amazing, Hope her dreams come true, gonna miss her a lots.:(
sob..sob..sob , i know and trust you will be somebody one day sister, :) InshALLAH .
Hope our friendships will remain forever .

I hope i  can go again with my AJF n Rania in future , but in the meantime, thanks for spending time with NeverLetMeGo!

till then .

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