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Monday, June 18, 2012

Time back

What a wonderful day ,i got my time back today .MY boss owe me 10 working days ,means i have been working extra shift for past 4-5 months ago, so instead of paying they replace it with holiday and they better clear up their "hutang" as i  only left 3 months more  in saudi .what?owh ..yes time flies, i'm also  suprised at last i did it -->   1 year out from malaysia .Frankly speaking ,it's really tough being far away from ur families , especially me with husband and beautiful princess ,but sometimes we need to move step forward and learned from the experience.ALhamdulillah it really taught me to stand by yourself,alone in other country,.:)

when i read back my entry  before i noticed i never  wrote any  story about my patients , my working environment or even my colleagues .Reason is : we , nurses should totally "shut -up" and keep all patient's file or case confidential as it's our etiquette.second : i don't want  to waste my short and love time thinking about workload .Third : because i'm so busy 12 hours non-stop working ,running ,helping,screaming and sometimes skip my meal for 12 hours & the result is im became skinny to remember every single things happen to me and write it in my blog .

I can't spend   posting  entry everyday because the same reason : working in saudi 12 hours for 4 shifts a week will make u throw out  tired to even switch on my laptop.

5 hours ago before i got Time back..

lately my boss often put my assigment /allocation at "important " place ,not saying that i'm important tho but maybe she wants to trained me to be more competent .Think positive nadia,
So today i was assigned at VIP/Cast and nebs room.seriously it will take me 3 post to explained further more about the allocation in ER  ,to cut it short my job today is to do all treatment/emergency fast treatment after all patients seen by doctor, setting IV cannula, run up IV fluids , all radiology procedure and labs investigation etc..and i'm also covering the VIP room, just for VIP and r0Y@L  family .

and my day today started with not-so-good ...euuww..i hate it .I can accept 30-50 patients per day at my area , ignored  patient's relatives  whom just come 10minutes and asked why the results still not ready ,  fighting and listen pt;s complaint rather than attended to the RoY@L FAMILY(RF)....auuuch serious i told u guys ,they can make me crazy , they are so demanding ok they are SOMEBODY  ,so arrogant, so rich, so smelly, drunk, and auch..maybe not all.but i just wasted my time entertain them!!! whom just having small..not small i mean TINy injury .

He try to take advantage to my non-muslim friend , "trying to seduce her ...alhamdulillah again, my hijab shows my modesty ,i thanks to ALLAH to protect me .The young RF just asked my name and said alhamdulilah you're muslim .I"m sure not all knows about this.Yes this is what happen in Kingdom , they are so rich youngster became spoilt brat, and their lifestyle totally like westerner,drunk, party , women , :( 
and the worst is nobody can say NO to them .Dont mess with them , once you're involved.STOP.u're done.Go home .hehehhe

but i'm home ,not because of them : huhuu i got my time back yehaa..

so sad ..But i'm pretty sure not all  RF like them .

just wondering what will happen if this young generation became leader in future ???

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