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Thursday, June 28, 2012

*Temporary Marriage *

Salam ,
Temporary Marriage or known as " Nikah Mut'ah .I 've heard about it before i came to saudi , but honestly never pay attention about it. I never asked people or any ust'az about it , just surfing internet and now i can clearly see and know the meaning of Nikah Mut'ah .
NIkah Mut'ah is a fixed time or short-term contractual marriage in Shia islam.All the rights are given to the contractual wife while she is within the contractual period. The mutah offspring have the same rights as the conventional marriage offspring. There are some basic rules and requirements which must be fulfilled for a justified Nikah al-Mutah; for example a virgin girl cannot contract a Mutah without permission from her father or grandfather.
Actually Shia and Sunni agree that Mut'ah was legal in early times but  Sunnis consider that it was abrogated.
 Temporary marriage was a custom of the pre-Islamic Arabs. It was used as a convenience shield, useful in the case where a man had to travel away from home for long periods of time, or was not able to commit fully to marriage.

Sunni view

The hadith (prophetic statements and traditions) can be quoted to support this position.
In the hadith collection of Tirmizi, Abdullah Ibn Abbas narrates:
"Temporary marriage was at the beginning of Islam. A man comes by a town where he has no acquaintances, so he marries for a fixed time depending on his stay in the town, the woman looks after his provisions and prepares his food, until the verse was revealed: 'Except to your wives or what your right hands possess.'"
A majority of sunni believe that Prophet  Muhammad later abolished this type of marriage at several different large events. Most Sunnis believe that Umar later was merely enforcing a prohibition that was established during Prophet  Muhammad's time.

Shia view

Shi'a believe that Umar ibn Al -Khattab abolished it, not the prophet of islam
  • He did it during the third year of his reign,6 year after the revelation of verse 4:24, in the Hadith of Umar's speech of forbidding Mut'ah, but since he, according to them, had no authority to do so, Umar's prohibition seems to have been temporary and applicable to one place, hence may be ignored .
The Nikah al-Mut‘ah is used various ways:
  • It is used in modern times when people move from one place to another, such as from one country to another. Thus students, workers, scholars may enter into a contractual marriage under the verse of the Qur'an which allows ones emotional needs and human needs to be fulfilled if they are in another country. It may lead to permanent marriage afterwards.
  • It may be used to become mahram(unmarriable) with somebody with whom they do not intend to cohabit or have a married relationship, but with whom they spend a lot of time (for example, share a house). In order to ease the hijab"modest dress" rules, they engage in a nikah al-Mut‘ah, specifying in the marriage contract that no physical contact is allowed.
  • Two people who live under the same roof but are not mahram (unmarriable) and must observe hijab may engage in a symbolic nikah al-mut‘ah with the others' offspring for a few minutes. The Nikahu’l-Mut‘ah does not need to have any practical consequence, but it will make the parent and the offspring's husband or wife permanently mahram to each other, and thus no longer obliged to observe hijab rules.
  • Young unmarried couples may decide to use nikahu l-Mut‘ah as a permissible alternative to entering into a relationship on the premise of future permanent marriage.
  • It might also be seen as a cover for legalized prostitution, as the nikahu l-Mut'ah can last for as little as half an hour, and the woman receives financial compensation. In accordance with the Quran she must wait three months (iddah) before the next contract

Okay , i guess everyone will wondering why i wrote and so interested in this topic? hehhe
i'm sure there are a lot this kind of cases in Malaysia but nobody knows.I have experienced in Saudi , which "some" saudi -an practice this NIkah Mut'ah and spread it to all new muslim and other foreigner .I bet all the doctors will not talk or debate with me about nikah mut'ah .like i said earlier , i'm not good, knowledgable , i;m naive but i have AL -QURAN to protect and to support my submissions .inshallah , i hope and i wish ALLAH swt will always guide u all and not to Fly over far away from the path of ISLAM .

1st scene .
lost man ( DR A): sharifah , come  i will find u a husband 
me: sorry i'm married.
Lost man ; okay , its ok ur husband in malaysia .Here ,mafi husband .
me: what ??????
* at that time of point , i just keep my lip shut as  i 'am so damn suprised.No words coming out from me 

2nd scene .
The same dr , 
Lost man : sharifah , yalla how long u will stay here ?
me : inshallah 4 months more .y?
Lost man : ok , we can get marry , contract 4 months then END until u go back to malaysia .
Me : u mean Nikah mut'ah .(  have my courage to asked himback )
lost man : yes , sorta of .
me: are u shiah?doc?
Lost man : oh me , of course not .
me: Then who taught u to do that, have u read it in AL-Quran ? can u show me in which hadith state that there are allow to practice Nikah Mutah ? so if people do this agreement , will u just follow it to fulfilled ur desire towards women?
lost man : ok sister , please bleep me when the patient come back from toilet.( he walked away ) 

seriously i'm not proud at all , and i'm not written to humiliate people or to shows  i'am good and loyal wife ,but just a reminder for all of us .We live because of ALLAH swt and we followed only what is written in AL -Quran .I'am ashamed and sad as i know many of muslim practice this agreemnet without thinking about the consequences in the future ,responsible , children..:(

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