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Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Hijab Style in town : yet still covering aurah

Salam ,

 ~my new V-shape style  hijab ~

Its 4.45 pm in Jeddah , after asr while watching The Matrix Revolutions, I can say that my minds is not on the TV screen.I kept thinking about my conversation between my Saudi-colleague and me last 2 weeks ago .Since I’m in Jeddah , I’m being a observer and I assumed all Saudi girls is more-more better and knowledge –able than me when it’s comes to  Islamic topic .

 A ( different name ) , she is one of my Saudi colleague , she is 5 years older than me ,and she is so beautiful even I only have seen her round-hazel eyes .Lately I ‘ve been thinking about my husband ‘s wishes ,he asked me to covered my face ,, wearing niqab .Nor that I’m beautiful or he is jealous whatsoever but just he don’t want anything happen to me knowing all Saudi –man like to stared ant to protect from danger and stranger .Not all: and not only man ,baby , some Saudi women also like to stared people especially if you’re wearing colourful talha ( hijab ) .

So , I asked A about niqab .what the rules ,need to covered the eyebrow or not , and many things that doubt me .She  explained to me that in Kingdom , for years they been mixed up the facts of religion and culture , in islam , we need to cover the whole body /aurah except face and hands but in Saudi cultures , their communities demand them to covered face .She said that actually the niqab is more attractive as people only can see your eyes and Saudi man especially , wondering and imagine your face .She confess to me that she only wear niqab while working , only wearing hijab while do some shopping or in public and i'm speechless   when she said she  removed her hijab , when she go to overseas I mean out of Saudi and she sounds so proud of it. I’m really felt sorry for her , and even she can speak Arabic but so sad she don’t understand the meanings of AL-Quran .I’m not saying I’m prefect but Alhamdulillah I’m so grateful I was born as muslim and growing up as muslimah , and maybe i need to read the translations of Al-quran in English or malay but at least I’ve been tried to be success muslim.and I’m not being a hypocrite and this is what I want to be seen and known : a muslimah.

This short conversation made me feel , that maybe not all Saudi girls want to wear what they wear today , abaya , niqab and hijab ,,but still at least they covered aurah either they sincere or not .Only ALLAH swt knows ,: ) I have ALLAH swt and AL-Quran to guide me and I followed my husband ‘s request to wear niqab , here I’m in Saudi .Honestly I felt more safe, more people respects me , and no more eyes staring at me .:).and its also protect me from Hot sunny day in jeddah ..yehaa..

Love , your wife , Nadia.


Cindyrina (The Princess) said...

great post dear! surprise with A response to you too. I thought they are much more better since the speak the language!

Kesuma Angsana said...

keep update entry cause dah follow u ye

neverletmego said...

cindy: yes indeed.dont judge book by its cover .:)

Kesum angsana : thank you so much.inshallah i will

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