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Monday, June 11, 2012

LunaTik +Ipod Nano

I’m supposed to update this entry long time ago , pardon me , I’m so busy and upset until I forget and no time to elaborate more about Lunatik watch and IPOD nano .

Do u remember this entry : http://rotibakarbuttermilo.blogspot.com/2011/11/from-bottom-of-my-heart-2-i-love-him.html

I got anniversary present from him , he loves gadjet so I assumed he also think his wifey loves gadjet thingy hehee I’m not actually  it’s okay baby , I really appreciate it .
He bought this incredible watch through  online shop from Singapore and what makes it more special is there are our name engraved at the back of ipod nano .

AJFJ&SNSA 15.11.08- Eternity

Owh so sweet syg ..love it .,everybody is wondering what is that cool gadjet , smart and asked where I bought It from –I’m so proud to told them it a gift from my husband .:) what a unique gifts .Thank you sweetheart .
Ipod Nano collaborated with Tik TOK http://lunatik.com/, ,LunaTik is a premium permanent conversion kit designed for those wanting to dedicate their iPod Nano primarily as a wrist watch. .i heard they also make LunaTik touch pen with new ipad .:) .u can save pictures, music of course , also as a watch , a timer for u while exercises .u can even chose ur own design on your ipod wall..cool yeah …

Thank You sayang ...LOve u more ..

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