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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letter to my girls :Tie the Knot

Salam plum ,
How time flies, it's already June and its going to be -not-so -fun june this year  and i will celebrate my sweet 16 birthday alone without my Love .Okay !stop nadia , and no need to be sensitive :P..like to shared my happiness with all as two of my good friends in school  is going to tie the knot in JUne ,owh my dear darling why must specifically in june ?and i'm  not around ,shut 
Meet my friend , beto .
She and i known each other for forever because we went to school together all growing up ,we rarely went out together ,and somtimes is very difficult to make a date ,especially when i'm in KL she in kulim and whenever i'm in kulim, she in KL..:P I"m really appreaciate and feel touched because she has been a loyal LOng -not -so -close friend ,whom stayed with me together during my solemnization and my wedding reception .Not to be offended , i just realized we dont have any  in common , nor ideas to gossiping , but STILL..we're Friends ,and frankly speaking i'm so down happy when i received her email abouth her engagement day and now she already became MRS chip. I've never meet Mr chips but i can tell from theirs photogenic pictures ,her pretty face ,i knew beto had made a wise decision and found her LOVE story.:)Honestly beto from bottom of my heart , i always pray for your happiness and inshallah .ameen .
ANis : she was the most popular girl in school besides my bff , Maizatol :p , with her sweet voice , i missed her engagement day and yet now i will missed her Big day , i'm really upset and dissapointed but nothing can be done and i am really looking forward for her big day , :(  in Form five we, me maiza and anis were like three musketeers without beard of course and dreaming to stayed together , buy house together , marry and to make sure ours children will be best friends forever like us .Inshallah with ALLAH 's will, wish our young-ster dream comes true .SO anis , Happy and congratulations in advance for both of u , boy please take care of anis :) ,inshallah we will meet u guys once i;m back for good .and plus i'm so excited u choose my birthday date to tie the knot yehaa,..i knew u not purposely but still..:P wow...
don't forget to upload ur weddings pictures okay...
LOve , nadia ,
Jeddah ...

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Cindyrina (The Princess) said...

sweet post!!! love this real life story!

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