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Monday, June 11, 2012

Islam is Simple

Since I’m back from vacation end of the MAY , this is my first time i followed the bus trip at my compound and our destiny is MALL OF ARABIA,  my housemate and I only plan to buy groceries and toiletries .summore , I don’t  have any mood to do “shopping hunting like before .tired being far away  from family  sealed my lips..:P .,,,

the bus trip Is at 9.15 in the morning , so I think u guys can imagine what time the mall usually open right ? We just mingle and walking around until the hypermarket panda is open.

What surprise me  is  all over the mall , I can heard Quraanic Verse ,and  it’s so amazing .We will not experience it in Malaysia ‘s mall for sure .While  choosing meat ,chicken and etc, I able to listened to quraanic verse mashallah the feeling that I can’t explain with words .(“,).

I love the way Saudi –an practice islam , theirs responsibilities not much rules or regulations , they make islam as simple as they can , pray on time , everything start with Bismillah,and the most favourite is , feel touched when we all praying together , with all black abaya, talha in the straight “saf” , I can feel the bonding , sisters in islam ,no rich no poor as we all look same eventhough we don’t know each other.and that is a true ISLAM.
 I will always miss this moment , sob..sob …

till then , need to take my sweet nap ...
my look just now :) so hubby , u like it


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