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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In love with Muslimah Fashion designers ...

Hye Sugar ,
snap hehahhhahha i have to celebrate Eid in jeddah this year , its kinda tough tho celebrate alone without your loves one .But what can i do , my boss didn't approve my local leave  or short leave , and because of that we have to cancel all our plans.we planning but as we  know ALLAH knows best darling ...
And because of the same reason also i 'm not excited at all for eid but honestly this is my first really excited moment to wait for ramadhan .i don;t know why but yes seriously from the bottom of my heart i just can't wait any longer for Ramadhan in saudi .:)  have so much plan for ramadhan and one of the plan is to go to makkah ...(",) yehahaa...May ALLAH swt blessed me and protect me .
For eid , i don't have "new baju kurung raya " .. i was thinking of  wearing my old baju kurung raya last 2-3 years ago . ermmm being alone in overseas is tough , and it makes me thinking and dreaming to be someone else, not to be a nurse. and this time , i was thinking about fashion designer hahahaahah funny aite ?

This is lists all my favourite fashion designers and fashion icon , the one that i adore , Muslimah Fashion designers.
Dian Pelangi
she is young talented girl from indonesia , i've heard she already have her own boutique in malaysia , near the bangsar village , sad i don't have time to visit her boutique. she is more to dye fashions ,,i'm not into it actually but after saw her collections , i think i starting to fall in love with :P I 've been following her personal blog for a long time already at The Merchant Daughter  u guys can visit her at http://dianrainbow.blogspot.com/ and her official site at www.dianpelangi.com.
Dewi Neelam by Irna 
One more girl from Indonesia , not that i'm not proud with the malaysian designers but i just adore her talent mixed and her fashion sensation ...:P love it so much tthe way she wore her talha , the design and style . u guys can visit her at her blog :http://dewineelam.blogspot.com/
Next is from malaysia, in Pahang .They started with online shop.Zleqha 
Owh i'm so in love with all theirs collection,so classic and i bet my ajf would love it too because they more too nude, brown white black  in colors ,looks so humble modern contemporary and "adult " person if u can wore theirs collections..come on lets visit their page : www.zleqha.com
There are a lot of malaysian designers and online muslimah shops that i used and love to visit but kinda tired now maybe inshallah will update more my favourite later or soon hahaa...so till we meet again bloggers friends ..this is my new favourite page , i always visit in Fb...beadmeplease mashallah love her beadings ,suit for daily bau kurung , for bride and dinner design she didn't do any tailoring stuff only specialized in beadings ...
U can Bead Your way in style : at  http://beadmeplease.my/
sample of her design and artworks:

 Love it ...planning to get beadings like this ,maybe next year after im back for good ..yyehaha..

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