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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

" He knows what is in every heart " (67:13)

Bismillah...berkatilah perjalanan kami Ya ALLAH.
* Ya ALLAH , aku smbut panggilan MU untuk berumrah . YA ALLAH aku menunaikan umrah kerana ALLAH swt semata semata *
Salam , alhamdulillah perjalanan tanpa rancang .I'm supposed to send my friend to airport , she is going to exit hospital back to malaysia but unfortunately she told all of us different departure time and date and make all of us confused and at last we missed it .Frankly speaking , it really make me upset as i only meet her and went out her once after i've come back from vacation .It's tough tho as my housemate still on vacation .so impact it i'm alone here .BUT i can accept her reason , as she want to have a nice and happy journey and refused to have any sad + mixed feeling leaving us in Jeddah .After positive and 2-3 minutes rationale thinking , i think i will do the same things dear sister .Wish u all the best in your future , Happy newlyweds and till we meet again .inshallah ...Love u dear sister , and shopping partner .Halalkan makan minum i okay .
4th June 2012
After 4th night crazy and busy working shifts, not rest at all, after quick shower ,my friends and i went to MAkkah andalhamdulillah this is my 5th time doing Umrah and may ALLAh accepts my Umrah ,May ALLAh grant all my wishes and make the fulfillment of the wish blessing for me as well ameen ,inshallah .
And it was a nice feeling to get back here and its really nice day started with morning sun ( mashallah ) and rainy day in the evening .:) Lovely moment as this is my second time doing tawaf in rainy day .Mashallah .everybody is looking for HIS 's Bless included me .:)



CiKaYu said...


Semoga i sampai juga ke sana, insya'allah.

neverletmego said...

salam dear cikayu :) inshallah same2 la kite berdoa semoga semua dapat ke sana ...:)berkumpul mengerjakan beribadat kepada ALLAH swt .

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