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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Black or Red Henna ?

I'm crazy with henna like forever and henna never -ever get over from my nails.huhuhuhu i'm not fan of artistic henna design on hand tho ,i have my secret reason..:P shucks and i will reveal it now.i mean really NOW..hehehe cause it makes me look more more ...showing my true skin color ahha which is not "sawo matang " or putih kuning or putih kemerah-merahan..BUT black .yes i'm black you all..:P black woman from Malaysia.:P huuuu ok im being over--sea...:P I 'v e been a non-follow rules nurse last time in malaysia , professional can't have longnail, henna or even nail cultex .(don't know spelled correctlyor not :who cares btw ) and knowing me, stubborn nurse .hahhahha a
Here i'am , a really nerd nurse , follow all the rules, can u imagine i'm working almost 1 year , no Medical leave or even emergency leave hahaha,, seriously nadia , u're the man .hahhaha and now i 've started my own empayer  and one of it is applied henna to my cute little finger nails heheheheh .u don't want to know what happen if my boss know about it ..:P
Actually i love and *dream* to use nail cultex with oh my gorgeous colors and nail art , like watermelon or LOVE design on my nails but as a muslimah i should remind myself is forbidden in ISLAM..eventhough some saudi girls told me that is allowed to wear it when u 're in "ur PMS" but still its not acceptable in our malay adat , all makcik2 and pakcik especially my mom will stared at me and chased me out from house with "penyapu lidi " hahaha ok i made it over. 
So instead of being like a bad girl:P i use henna , and now i'm so--in love with black henna, same with red henna but u have to applied it leave it dry extra 2-3 hours to make sure the color is intact ahahha.
See now my toe looks so gothic with black henna , :P
 *please ignore my ugly #$%^**
and its only cost me Sr 5 for one black henna paste ( u can also used it for ur henna design on hand ) and Sr2 for normal red henna paste.

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