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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shortcut to happiness

Today is not wednesday , so can't update entry for wordless wednesday ..Not a special day as i have to work today.How i wish i 'm in malaysia right now, at this moment ,spending time with my cool family , my handsome husband and my beautiful daughter .But still Before every rainbow there is rain, there are no shortcut to happiness nadia ..always remember that okay? 
It's so  near yet so far ,:(
my clearance form : ouch still empty .
Good Luck for me peeps..

Black or Red Henna ?

I'm crazy with henna like forever and henna never -ever get over from my nails.huhuhuhu i'm not fan of artistic henna design on hand tho ,i have my secret reason..:P shucks and i will reveal it now.i mean really NOW..hehehe cause it makes me look more more ...showing my true skin color ahha which is not "sawo matang " or putih kuning or putih kemerah-merahan..BUT black .yes i'm black you all..:P black woman from Malaysia.:P huuuu ok im being over--sea...:P I 'v e been a non-follow rules nurse last time in malaysia , professional can't have longnail, henna or even nail cultex .(don't know spelled correctlyor not :who cares btw ) and knowing me, stubborn nurse .hahhahha a
Here i'am , a really nerd nurse , follow all the rules, can u imagine i'm working almost 1 year , no Medical leave or even emergency leave hahaha,, seriously nadia , u're the man .hahhaha and now i 've started my own empayer  and one of it is applied henna to my cute little finger nails heheheheh .u don't want to know what happen if my boss know about it ..:P
Actually i love and *dream* to use nail cultex with oh my gorgeous colors and nail art , like watermelon or LOVE design on my nails but as a muslimah i should remind myself is forbidden in ISLAM..eventhough some saudi girls told me that is allowed to wear it when u 're in "ur PMS" but still its not acceptable in our malay adat , all makcik2 and pakcik especially my mom will stared at me and chased me out from house with "penyapu lidi " hahaha ok i made it over. 
So instead of being like a bad girl:P i use henna , and now i'm so--in love with black henna, same with red henna but u have to applied it leave it dry extra 2-3 hours to make sure the color is intact ahahha.
See now my toe looks so gothic with black henna , :P
 *please ignore my ugly #$%^**
and its only cost me Sr 5 for one black henna paste ( u can also used it for ur henna design on hand ) and Sr2 for normal red henna paste.

Friday, June 29, 2012

It don't take A whole day to recognize sunshine

Salam everyone,
It’s been a while and Im back, because I honestly believe that the awesome people on here out-weigh the haters. :)
Here’s what I wore for "buka puasa " yesterday :

 From top to bottom; 
Leather jacket: Stradivarius, Sr89.90
 Indian shop,Sr10
Talha: cheap market ,Sr8
Long Black Maxi: Brand-less 
Handbag: coach,payless:P
Smile: Priceless hehehe

 me ,with my awesome housemate, (",)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

*Temporary Marriage *

Salam ,
Temporary Marriage or known as " Nikah Mut'ah .I 've heard about it before i came to saudi , but honestly never pay attention about it. I never asked people or any ust'az about it , just surfing internet and now i can clearly see and know the meaning of Nikah Mut'ah .
NIkah Mut'ah is a fixed time or short-term contractual marriage in Shia islam.All the rights are given to the contractual wife while she is within the contractual period. The mutah offspring have the same rights as the conventional marriage offspring. There are some basic rules and requirements which must be fulfilled for a justified Nikah al-Mutah; for example a virgin girl cannot contract a Mutah without permission from her father or grandfather.
Actually Shia and Sunni agree that Mut'ah was legal in early times but  Sunnis consider that it was abrogated.
 Temporary marriage was a custom of the pre-Islamic Arabs. It was used as a convenience shield, useful in the case where a man had to travel away from home for long periods of time, or was not able to commit fully to marriage.

Sunni view

The hadith (prophetic statements and traditions) can be quoted to support this position.
In the hadith collection of Tirmizi, Abdullah Ibn Abbas narrates:
"Temporary marriage was at the beginning of Islam. A man comes by a town where he has no acquaintances, so he marries for a fixed time depending on his stay in the town, the woman looks after his provisions and prepares his food, until the verse was revealed: 'Except to your wives or what your right hands possess.'"
A majority of sunni believe that Prophet  Muhammad later abolished this type of marriage at several different large events. Most Sunnis believe that Umar later was merely enforcing a prohibition that was established during Prophet  Muhammad's time.

Shia view

Shi'a believe that Umar ibn Al -Khattab abolished it, not the prophet of islam
  • He did it during the third year of his reign,6 year after the revelation of verse 4:24, in the Hadith of Umar's speech of forbidding Mut'ah, but since he, according to them, had no authority to do so, Umar's prohibition seems to have been temporary and applicable to one place, hence may be ignored .
The Nikah al-Mut‘ah is used various ways:
  • It is used in modern times when people move from one place to another, such as from one country to another. Thus students, workers, scholars may enter into a contractual marriage under the verse of the Qur'an which allows ones emotional needs and human needs to be fulfilled if they are in another country. It may lead to permanent marriage afterwards.
  • It may be used to become mahram(unmarriable) with somebody with whom they do not intend to cohabit or have a married relationship, but with whom they spend a lot of time (for example, share a house). In order to ease the hijab"modest dress" rules, they engage in a nikah al-Mut‘ah, specifying in the marriage contract that no physical contact is allowed.
  • Two people who live under the same roof but are not mahram (unmarriable) and must observe hijab may engage in a symbolic nikah al-mut‘ah with the others' offspring for a few minutes. The Nikahu’l-Mut‘ah does not need to have any practical consequence, but it will make the parent and the offspring's husband or wife permanently mahram to each other, and thus no longer obliged to observe hijab rules.
  • Young unmarried couples may decide to use nikahu l-Mut‘ah as a permissible alternative to entering into a relationship on the premise of future permanent marriage.
  • It might also be seen as a cover for legalized prostitution, as the nikahu l-Mut'ah can last for as little as half an hour, and the woman receives financial compensation. In accordance with the Quran she must wait three months (iddah) before the next contract

Okay , i guess everyone will wondering why i wrote and so interested in this topic? hehhe
i'm sure there are a lot this kind of cases in Malaysia but nobody knows.I have experienced in Saudi , which "some" saudi -an practice this NIkah Mut'ah and spread it to all new muslim and other foreigner .I bet all the doctors will not talk or debate with me about nikah mut'ah .like i said earlier , i'm not good, knowledgable , i;m naive but i have AL -QURAN to protect and to support my submissions .inshallah , i hope and i wish ALLAH swt will always guide u all and not to Fly over far away from the path of ISLAM .

1st scene .
lost man ( DR A): sharifah , come  i will find u a husband 
me: sorry i'm married.
Lost man ; okay , its ok ur husband in malaysia .Here ,mafi husband .
me: what ??????
* at that time of point , i just keep my lip shut as  i 'am so damn suprised.No words coming out from me 

2nd scene .
The same dr , 
Lost man : sharifah , yalla how long u will stay here ?
me : inshallah 4 months more .y?
Lost man : ok , we can get marry , contract 4 months then END until u go back to malaysia .
Me : u mean Nikah mut'ah .(  have my courage to asked himback )
lost man : yes , sorta of .
me: are u shiah?doc?
Lost man : oh me , of course not .
me: Then who taught u to do that, have u read it in AL-Quran ? can u show me in which hadith state that there are allow to practice Nikah Mutah ? so if people do this agreement , will u just follow it to fulfilled ur desire towards women?
lost man : ok sister , please bleep me when the patient come back from toilet.( he walked away ) 

seriously i'm not proud at all , and i'm not written to humiliate people or to shows  i'am good and loyal wife ,but just a reminder for all of us .We live because of ALLAH swt and we followed only what is written in AL -Quran .I'am ashamed and sad as i know many of muslim practice this agreemnet without thinking about the consequences in the future ,responsible , children..:(

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Health conscious

owh no , i' am seriously badly getting older ,i just realized that i am now became more anxious and to be directly i'am now Health Conscious .:P owh shut .

I still remembered 5 years ago ,i was knocked out by my big cousin nagging and " give me " a cute little headache to me hehhe sorry kakak G , she became not realistic sometimes when she  assumed her pimple as a lump / benign tumor .okay so drastic right? and she often complaint having back pain , started taking more than 5 supplements .hmmm its totally not me babe .

But now...i became like her but not start yet the supplements, but healthy food : so this is my ideal healthy food for lunch hehehe
i dont know what is this but u can see all green *leaves* hehehe + my homemade fresh orange .
now i feel more healthy hahahahha lame .

BUT now ...hmm
had Maggi for my dinner
hahhahahah there goes my plan for healthy diet .at least i stop taking soft drink for a week .

Enjoy watching movie alone: Save the last dance .

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Color for Baju Raya ...

 Shock-ing pink ?

 Light Yellow?


Turquoise ...

hehe jeng jeng ...

owh i forget , i will celebrate my raya here .:P
ehhehe haha so no Baju raya :)

okay nadia.that is not funny ok!


Let it shine :)

what a wonderful night !!! no recharge ( top up fhone ) , no bbm, no nothing  it's already 4.40 am in Malaysia .
Sweety darling , maybe this is the way for me to rest , complete bed rest .:)
i'm watching Raising Helen ....and i have been thinking about my job lately  , more energetic more knowledgeable , alhamdulillah i've learned a lot and thanks to ALLAH to give me this opp0rtunity  to brush up my knowledge brush up until it shine.......:P
I'm almost there  ...3 more months and mommy will be back baby .;)

 I'm almost there, I'm almost there
People down here think I'm crazy, but I don't care
Trials and tribulations I've had my share
There ain't nothing gonna stop me now cause I'm almost there
So I work real hard each and every day
Now things for sure are going my way..

Thursday, June 21, 2012

sleep pattern

i'm having sleep disturbance , hate all my schedules this month:June .
NIghts +day + nights .
I can't sleep well on day + nights .
i'am so excited to go back for good .
yes nadia, 2 more months to go, yes u can do it ...(",)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Time back

What a wonderful day ,i got my time back today .MY boss owe me 10 working days ,means i have been working extra shift for past 4-5 months ago, so instead of paying they replace it with holiday and they better clear up their "hutang" as i  only left 3 months more  in saudi .what?owh ..yes time flies, i'm also  suprised at last i did it -->   1 year out from malaysia .Frankly speaking ,it's really tough being far away from ur families , especially me with husband and beautiful princess ,but sometimes we need to move step forward and learned from the experience.ALhamdulillah it really taught me to stand by yourself,alone in other country,.:)

when i read back my entry  before i noticed i never  wrote any  story about my patients , my working environment or even my colleagues .Reason is : we , nurses should totally "shut -up" and keep all patient's file or case confidential as it's our etiquette.second : i don't want  to waste my short and love time thinking about workload .Third : because i'm so busy 12 hours non-stop working ,running ,helping,screaming and sometimes skip my meal for 12 hours & the result is im became skinny to remember every single things happen to me and write it in my blog .

I can't spend   posting  entry everyday because the same reason : working in saudi 12 hours for 4 shifts a week will make u throw out  tired to even switch on my laptop.

5 hours ago before i got Time back..

lately my boss often put my assigment /allocation at "important " place ,not saying that i'm important tho but maybe she wants to trained me to be more competent .Think positive nadia,
So today i was assigned at VIP/Cast and nebs room.seriously it will take me 3 post to explained further more about the allocation in ER  ,to cut it short my job today is to do all treatment/emergency fast treatment after all patients seen by doctor, setting IV cannula, run up IV fluids , all radiology procedure and labs investigation etc..and i'm also covering the VIP room, just for VIP and r0Y@L  family .

and my day today started with not-so-good ...euuww..i hate it .I can accept 30-50 patients per day at my area , ignored  patient's relatives  whom just come 10minutes and asked why the results still not ready ,  fighting and listen pt;s complaint rather than attended to the RoY@L FAMILY(RF)....auuuch serious i told u guys ,they can make me crazy , they are so demanding ok they are SOMEBODY  ,so arrogant, so rich, so smelly, drunk, and auch..maybe not all.but i just wasted my time entertain them!!! whom just having small..not small i mean TINy injury .

He try to take advantage to my non-muslim friend , "trying to seduce her ...alhamdulillah again, my hijab shows my modesty ,i thanks to ALLAH to protect me .The young RF just asked my name and said alhamdulilah you're muslim .I"m sure not all knows about this.Yes this is what happen in Kingdom , they are so rich youngster became spoilt brat, and their lifestyle totally like westerner,drunk, party , women , :( 
and the worst is nobody can say NO to them .Dont mess with them , once you're involved.STOP.u're done.Go home .hehehhe

but i'm home ,not because of them : huhuu i got my time back yehaa..

so sad ..But i'm pretty sure not all  RF like them .

just wondering what will happen if this young generation became leader in future ???

Saturday, June 16, 2012

4 more years to '3 series' part 2 : unplanned dinner

I'm in love  with  fondant cake , nice to see but not to eat  , been awhile planning to learn but time seems to be so jealous i couldn't spend more time .I'm not a Party person, so i just ordered a  fondant cake from my colleague , Agot Garcia .(",) Thank you sister. and plan to celebrate only with my housemate , sis wani  spend day together outside , girls moment ,we only plan but ALLAH always THE best : unplanned dinner and i'm so blast to spent time with my girls  ....well  they also will leave me....soon ..:(

Visualized in pictures you can see i'm smiling , but only ALLAH swt knows deep in my heart , i'm suffering to be tough baing far miles from HOME , not to cry as i'm not the OLD nadia that u know before.U can't 'KILL ' Me now,,no longer as long i know ALLAH always with me .:).
I'm not your lil nadia anymore...i'm big,yet not big enough ,so please guide me, don't ever leave me ...
La Tahzan nadia...honestly i really miss my other half , my lil princess rania ...
Walid, Mak, kakak, Kak ina , Othman,,,...LOve u all so much ,:( i'm  so sorry always make " drama" , and please forgive me as i'm still a "baby girl " in family :(...all this happen because ONE thing!

I MISS MY FAMILY ,MISS BEING SYED Azizan and Afifah Hanoum's little girl.

Friday, June 15, 2012

4 more years to "3 series": Happy Birthday Nadia


My 1st 'sweet' and sugar birthday cake : thank you my dear colleagues, Ate Agot Garcia .

Monday, June 11, 2012

LunaTik +Ipod Nano

I’m supposed to update this entry long time ago , pardon me , I’m so busy and upset until I forget and no time to elaborate more about Lunatik watch and IPOD nano .

Do u remember this entry : http://rotibakarbuttermilo.blogspot.com/2011/11/from-bottom-of-my-heart-2-i-love-him.html

I got anniversary present from him , he loves gadjet so I assumed he also think his wifey loves gadjet thingy hehee I’m not actually  it’s okay baby , I really appreciate it .
He bought this incredible watch through  online shop from Singapore and what makes it more special is there are our name engraved at the back of ipod nano .

AJFJ&SNSA 15.11.08- Eternity

Owh so sweet syg ..love it .,everybody is wondering what is that cool gadjet , smart and asked where I bought It from –I’m so proud to told them it a gift from my husband .:) what a unique gifts .Thank you sweetheart .
Ipod Nano collaborated with Tik TOK http://lunatik.com/, ,LunaTik is a premium permanent conversion kit designed for those wanting to dedicate their iPod Nano primarily as a wrist watch. .i heard they also make LunaTik touch pen with new ipad .:) .u can save pictures, music of course , also as a watch , a timer for u while exercises .u can even chose ur own design on your ipod wall..cool yeah …

Thank You sayang ...LOve u more ..

Islam is Simple

Since I’m back from vacation end of the MAY , this is my first time i followed the bus trip at my compound and our destiny is MALL OF ARABIA,  my housemate and I only plan to buy groceries and toiletries .summore , I don’t  have any mood to do “shopping hunting like before .tired being far away  from family  sealed my lips..:P .,,,

the bus trip Is at 9.15 in the morning , so I think u guys can imagine what time the mall usually open right ? We just mingle and walking around until the hypermarket panda is open.

What surprise me  is  all over the mall , I can heard Quraanic Verse ,and  it’s so amazing .We will not experience it in Malaysia ‘s mall for sure .While  choosing meat ,chicken and etc, I able to listened to quraanic verse mashallah the feeling that I can’t explain with words .(“,).

I love the way Saudi –an practice islam , theirs responsibilities not much rules or regulations , they make islam as simple as they can , pray on time , everything start with Bismillah,and the most favourite is , feel touched when we all praying together , with all black abaya, talha in the straight “saf” , I can feel the bonding , sisters in islam ,no rich no poor as we all look same eventhough we don’t know each other.and that is a true ISLAM.
 I will always miss this moment , sob..sob …

till then , need to take my sweet nap ...
my look just now :) so hubby , u like it


Rania's first 'professional' haircut

My mom asked my permission to cut rania’s hair and I was like ermmmm I don’t think so as I think rania looks so cute with her long curly hair+ her fringe .:P
And I’m sure rania also don’t like it :i can see her face ?her shocked face hehhhe..

After short vacation , and hubby started working , on Saturday 19th may 2012 , we followed AJF to his office because he have some urgent work had to settled so he drops us at One Utama ,and I just think OKAY, it will be her first professional haircut !thats it.really a tough decision.:) mommy mengada :P

Mommy: rania ,let’s cut your hair ok..it’s too long already .
Rania: owh no mommy …( and hold her hair)

Here we are , all the pictures : she seems to be so happy and behave well.

~ see, rania looks  so excited..:P`~

Ermm…its cost me rm 38 , rania  ,mommy never been to saloon to cut my hair when I’m a baby ok, maktok cut my hair . I know it’s only 38 , but when u get older appreciate mommy and love me okay as I’m badly love u baby princess.
 ~~rania's new short hair: so cute ~

emotional mommy and guess what I also cut my hair and wash , so glad that Michael & Guys saloon in One utama have private room for VIP / for muslimah but they will charge rm20 for the room.…

Me: bb ,wow they have private room.
Hubby : cool ,
Me: but ,hmm i rasa tak payah ;la ,we have to pay extra 20 for ONLY room! Ouch no way .
Hubby : ermm okay but sayang , don’t think it will pleased ALLAH swt, sgup ke dapat dosa sebab hanya rm20.
Me : (speechless)

Ya ALLAH naive nye aku !!!
I’m still learning and inshallah hope ALLAH swt always with me to guide me and thank you hubby .
I love my husband ,

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Hijab Style in town : yet still covering aurah

Salam ,

 ~my new V-shape style  hijab ~

Its 4.45 pm in Jeddah , after asr while watching The Matrix Revolutions, I can say that my minds is not on the TV screen.I kept thinking about my conversation between my Saudi-colleague and me last 2 weeks ago .Since I’m in Jeddah , I’m being a observer and I assumed all Saudi girls is more-more better and knowledge –able than me when it’s comes to  Islamic topic .

 A ( different name ) , she is one of my Saudi colleague , she is 5 years older than me ,and she is so beautiful even I only have seen her round-hazel eyes .Lately I ‘ve been thinking about my husband ‘s wishes ,he asked me to covered my face ,, wearing niqab .Nor that I’m beautiful or he is jealous whatsoever but just he don’t want anything happen to me knowing all Saudi –man like to stared ant to protect from danger and stranger .Not all: and not only man ,baby , some Saudi women also like to stared people especially if you’re wearing colourful talha ( hijab ) .

So , I asked A about niqab .what the rules ,need to covered the eyebrow or not , and many things that doubt me .She  explained to me that in Kingdom , for years they been mixed up the facts of religion and culture , in islam , we need to cover the whole body /aurah except face and hands but in Saudi cultures , their communities demand them to covered face .She said that actually the niqab is more attractive as people only can see your eyes and Saudi man especially , wondering and imagine your face .She confess to me that she only wear niqab while working , only wearing hijab while do some shopping or in public and i'm speechless   when she said she  removed her hijab , when she go to overseas I mean out of Saudi and she sounds so proud of it. I’m really felt sorry for her , and even she can speak Arabic but so sad she don’t understand the meanings of AL-Quran .I’m not saying I’m prefect but Alhamdulillah I’m so grateful I was born as muslim and growing up as muslimah , and maybe i need to read the translations of Al-quran in English or malay but at least I’ve been tried to be success muslim.and I’m not being a hypocrite and this is what I want to be seen and known : a muslimah.

This short conversation made me feel , that maybe not all Saudi girls want to wear what they wear today , abaya , niqab and hijab ,,but still at least they covered aurah either they sincere or not .Only ALLAH swt knows ,: ) I have ALLAH swt and AL-Quran to guide me and I followed my husband ‘s request to wear niqab , here I’m in Saudi .Honestly I felt more safe, more people respects me , and no more eyes staring at me .:).and its also protect me from Hot sunny day in jeddah ..yehaa..

Love , your wife , Nadia.

My web address URL is..:(

It is crucial to choose the right domain /web address link , we need to spend a little time to pick +select the best especially for the business web .i used to have a nice short and easy web add url , http://shnadia86.blogspot.com and serious ly i'm so depress and regret that i 've changed it now to the bad and unprofessional link url.:( to http://rotibakarbuttermilo.blogspot.com.roti bakar butter and milo is my brother forever favourite :P
I should ignored all "negative thoughts of my  readers and stayed strong .They are those people whom comparing , judging and humiliate me and my story .i shouldn't  listened to them and ran away like i did.at that time i decided to change my URL link so  particular "person" will not disturbed me anymore . ..:( nothing can be changed , it/'s  really hard to change back to the old link, and effect i will lost all my friends 's address in blog, and a lot more that i  don't know  , really difficult to understand the "IT" term ..:P 
I 've call my eldest sister to help me change new domain, and to update my blog ,which so euuwww...bored ,:) hope kakak will come out with new design perhaps some "new life " to myblog : the NeverLetMeGo blog.....

Letter to my girls :Tie the Knot

Salam plum ,
How time flies, it's already June and its going to be -not-so -fun june this year  and i will celebrate my sweet 16 birthday alone without my Love .Okay !stop nadia , and no need to be sensitive :P..like to shared my happiness with all as two of my good friends in school  is going to tie the knot in JUne ,owh my dear darling why must specifically in june ?and i'm  not around ,shut 
Meet my friend , beto .
She and i known each other for forever because we went to school together all growing up ,we rarely went out together ,and somtimes is very difficult to make a date ,especially when i'm in KL she in kulim and whenever i'm in kulim, she in KL..:P I"m really appreaciate and feel touched because she has been a loyal LOng -not -so -close friend ,whom stayed with me together during my solemnization and my wedding reception .Not to be offended , i just realized we dont have any  in common , nor ideas to gossiping , but STILL..we're Friends ,and frankly speaking i'm so down happy when i received her email abouth her engagement day and now she already became MRS chip. I've never meet Mr chips but i can tell from theirs photogenic pictures ,her pretty face ,i knew beto had made a wise decision and found her LOVE story.:)Honestly beto from bottom of my heart , i always pray for your happiness and inshallah .ameen .
ANis : she was the most popular girl in school besides my bff , Maizatol :p , with her sweet voice , i missed her engagement day and yet now i will missed her Big day , i'm really upset and dissapointed but nothing can be done and i am really looking forward for her big day , :(  in Form five we, me maiza and anis were like three musketeers without beard of course and dreaming to stayed together , buy house together , marry and to make sure ours children will be best friends forever like us .Inshallah with ALLAH 's will, wish our young-ster dream comes true .SO anis , Happy and congratulations in advance for both of u , boy please take care of anis :) ,inshallah we will meet u guys once i;m back for good .and plus i'm so excited u choose my birthday date to tie the knot yehaa,..i knew u not purposely but still..:P wow...
don't forget to upload ur weddings pictures okay...
LOve , nadia ,
Jeddah ...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In love with Muslimah Fashion designers ...

Hye Sugar ,
snap hehahhhahha i have to celebrate Eid in jeddah this year , its kinda tough tho celebrate alone without your loves one .But what can i do , my boss didn't approve my local leave  or short leave , and because of that we have to cancel all our plans.we planning but as we  know ALLAH knows best darling ...
And because of the same reason also i 'm not excited at all for eid but honestly this is my first really excited moment to wait for ramadhan .i don;t know why but yes seriously from the bottom of my heart i just can't wait any longer for Ramadhan in saudi .:)  have so much plan for ramadhan and one of the plan is to go to makkah ...(",) yehahaa...May ALLAH swt blessed me and protect me .
For eid , i don't have "new baju kurung raya " .. i was thinking of  wearing my old baju kurung raya last 2-3 years ago . ermmm being alone in overseas is tough , and it makes me thinking and dreaming to be someone else, not to be a nurse. and this time , i was thinking about fashion designer hahahaahah funny aite ?

This is lists all my favourite fashion designers and fashion icon , the one that i adore , Muslimah Fashion designers.
Dian Pelangi
she is young talented girl from indonesia , i've heard she already have her own boutique in malaysia , near the bangsar village , sad i don't have time to visit her boutique. she is more to dye fashions ,,i'm not into it actually but after saw her collections , i think i starting to fall in love with :P I 've been following her personal blog for a long time already at The Merchant Daughter  u guys can visit her at http://dianrainbow.blogspot.com/ and her official site at www.dianpelangi.com.
Dewi Neelam by Irna 
One more girl from Indonesia , not that i'm not proud with the malaysian designers but i just adore her talent mixed and her fashion sensation ...:P love it so much tthe way she wore her talha , the design and style . u guys can visit her at her blog :http://dewineelam.blogspot.com/
Next is from malaysia, in Pahang .They started with online shop.Zleqha 
Owh i'm so in love with all theirs collection,so classic and i bet my ajf would love it too because they more too nude, brown white black  in colors ,looks so humble modern contemporary and "adult " person if u can wore theirs collections..come on lets visit their page : www.zleqha.com
There are a lot of malaysian designers and online muslimah shops that i used and love to visit but kinda tired now maybe inshallah will update more my favourite later or soon hahaa...so till we meet again bloggers friends ..this is my new favourite page , i always visit in Fb...beadmeplease mashallah love her beadings ,suit for daily bau kurung , for bride and dinner design she didn't do any tailoring stuff only specialized in beadings ...
U can Bead Your way in style : at  http://beadmeplease.my/
sample of her design and artworks:

 Love it ...planning to get beadings like this ,maybe next year after im back for good ..yyehaha..

" He knows what is in every heart " (67:13)

Bismillah...berkatilah perjalanan kami Ya ALLAH.
* Ya ALLAH , aku smbut panggilan MU untuk berumrah . YA ALLAH aku menunaikan umrah kerana ALLAH swt semata semata *
Salam , alhamdulillah perjalanan tanpa rancang .I'm supposed to send my friend to airport , she is going to exit hospital back to malaysia but unfortunately she told all of us different departure time and date and make all of us confused and at last we missed it .Frankly speaking , it really make me upset as i only meet her and went out her once after i've come back from vacation .It's tough tho as my housemate still on vacation .so impact it i'm alone here .BUT i can accept her reason , as she want to have a nice and happy journey and refused to have any sad + mixed feeling leaving us in Jeddah .After positive and 2-3 minutes rationale thinking , i think i will do the same things dear sister .Wish u all the best in your future , Happy newlyweds and till we meet again .inshallah ...Love u dear sister , and shopping partner .Halalkan makan minum i okay .
4th June 2012
After 4th night crazy and busy working shifts, not rest at all, after quick shower ,my friends and i went to MAkkah andalhamdulillah this is my 5th time doing Umrah and may ALLAh accepts my Umrah ,May ALLAh grant all my wishes and make the fulfillment of the wish blessing for me as well ameen ,inshallah .
And it was a nice feeling to get back here and its really nice day started with morning sun ( mashallah ) and rainy day in the evening .:) Lovely moment as this is my second time doing tawaf in rainy day .Mashallah .everybody is looking for HIS 's Bless included me .:)

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