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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saudi Airlines

salam ,

Masyallah after long time my bad :( miss blogging so much . By the way i'm just came back from short holiday  ,was like 3 weeks ONLY but alhamdulillah at least i got holiday to see my beloved in Hometown .
will update all the activities next entry ( when ? hahaha no idea & don't want to promise anythings )
Conclusion: my AJF and i already made decision regarding life career and our precious daughter rania BUT like i said and we always know , we just planned but ALLAH knows better and the BEST .

Okay back to my Post entry : Saudi Airlines,not that i don't trust our MAS airlines but i just think in terms of saving  , MAS cost u more +++ compared to saudi airlines which my return ticket to malaysia only SR 1800, and if i'm not mistaken MAS 's fare is double ?? i don't mind sitting for 8 hours in economy class or so whatever , what important is i arrived safely , right?BUT when something happen ...i mean like when u trust people to take care of your things, or property ..suddenly it missing and the only words that u heard is " i have no idea or i don't know comes out from that particular people : seriously i don't think so we can be NORMAL at that moment .IT happen to me last night once i arrived in jeddah airport, one box (full of foods) is missing !!!!!only belacan , bunga kantan but still ..its my property !!!!i've heard before one of my friends lost her luggage , i just ignored it but now it happen to me .and what can i do is only crying and praying i will get back my box and NO MORE to Saudi Airlines....

hehehe today  i received call from saudi airlines ,and they already found my box.yehaaaa..can masak nasi goreng belacan .and i 've been thinking come on lets give them try saudi airlines not to bad actually (no liquor) , maybe only once inshallah after this no more "missing luggage " hehehheh luggage bag up to 50kg and cheap too...:P

so sleepy , have to sleep now ,
chow inshallah will update all my adventures, exciting holiday in my next entry ....and  rania's reactions? and behaviour once she saw me after 7 months be apart..

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