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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Johor Premium Outlets .

Hye ,bosan nye my housemate still on vacation , nak masak rasa malas tapi lapar .
Masa vacation lepas i dapat 23 days ja , so memang menggunakan cuti sebaik-sebaiknye , dgn family , visit all my side and ajf's side .after spent a week di kulim, from kulim we drove direct to Johor - 8 hours  u all on 8th may .:P ajf drive , i tak la dah lama kot tak drive sejak stay in saudi .alasan ..:P

Ok frankly this is my first time sampai singapore , johor?erm kali kedua rasanya tu pun masa study UKM , pegi pun sehari semalam ja smpt ke Danga Bay and mall pe ntah tak ingat .So this time mmg rasa sgt best la sebab pegi with AJf rania and my mother in law.Ajf 's origin family is johor-ean ,thats why he loves laksa johor okayy..so sampai di johor direct ke ajf"s uncle di kebun teh .:) very nice family , macam stay kat hotel je but we only stay there one night and checked- in hotel :) .

We supposed to checked in on 9th may noon , but ajf ajak i pegi JPO ,

 Johor premium Outlets  the famous outlets i dgr since i kat saudi , Rasa berkobar-kobar nak pegi bila baca all my blogger friends update tapi once sampaii sana hampa hampeh , biasa ja idakla sale and discounts sgt and not many choices .Takde yang berkenan pun ...just sempat beli my secrets things kat LaSenza , banyak takde size ,For rania at GAP , i thought there are Cotton On for Kids tapi takde and buy handbag for my mother in law as i tak beli pape for her at saudi except jubah and shawl .

For Men , macam AJF seronok la dia sebab all sports shops memang murah macam adidas nike ...:) Food court di situ tak banyak choices after pusing2 we ended up had lunch at Thai Restaurants , itupun recommendation but ajf's cousin ,whom work with Valiram Groups : they have 10 shops there included ,Michael Kors , Charles and keith , Flow , and 7 more , i can't remember . all shoes kat Charles and keith mmg cantek2 and murah gile u all, ada flat i suke only RM 20 but sad things is no my size..semua shoes is either to small or too "giant " .:( its okay , bukan penting pun .

I can see there are more new buildings for more shops i guess....:)

k till we meet again....
gotta take my nap and waiting for "mama" and rania ..:P


Atiqah Adnan said...

qah pun tak pi lagi jpo. teringin nak pi.. tapi kena bwa duit banyakkkk.. heheh

neverletmego said...

heheh:) nadia sebab teringin la pegi tu asyik baca blog org je ..tapi okay la ta best sgt sebab kan outlets and out season, banyak kasut n baju no size hehehe:)
miss qah n amel..

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