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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Art of "cam-whoring"

بسم الله 

I 'm not into "camera" just satisfied with the "normal camera " to ' capture every moments in my life .I love to be in the picture MORE than be a camera-man.:P so with the advanced technology ,love enjoy  capture pictures using my blackberry  rather than beratkan my handbag dengan digital camera ke hulur ke hilir .that's why sometimes u will see my pictures too close and seems like to find right angle to obtain a much " cute photo with my phone camera .

Actually i plan and survey for Polaroid camera , and interested with brand :fujifilm .like this one .

cool kan , mmg murah only rm200++ but the film , tak boleh la nak snap-snap pictures sesuka hati macam digital camera and delete , kena betul-betul ready .For me  i love candid photo , its a real ideology of pictures.:) so Poloroid . u hve to wait first ,,:P

hahaha :P sampai la i balik for my vacation , Ajf is so lucky when he attended his annual company dinner , he won a digital camera  ,it  is not an ordinary camera  bagi i la .it is NIKOn coolpix, seriously nikon is marvelous .love iit so much .the photo is so details ....no words can i desribed the " clear " and origin color of "life "in nikon pictures .

Nikon coolpix P300, and knowing ajf will just let this nikon "alone" in the wardrobe better i bawa ke saudi .:) kan?so i guess i will continue the art of cam-whoring finding a right angle to make sure i look FAT in pictures .hahaahha its reallt better and ideal for me..Thank You hubby , 

See u guys later , inshallah try my best to update about my holiday .
Love u all..

1 comment:

Cindyrina (The Princess) said...

can't wait for those 'camwhore' pose from you! visiting you :)

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