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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Johor Premium Outlets .

Hye ,bosan nye my housemate still on vacation , nak masak rasa malas tapi lapar .
Masa vacation lepas i dapat 23 days ja , so memang menggunakan cuti sebaik-sebaiknye , dgn family , visit all my side and ajf's side .after spent a week di kulim, from kulim we drove direct to Johor - 8 hours  u all on 8th may .:P ajf drive , i tak la dah lama kot tak drive sejak stay in saudi .alasan ..:P

Ok frankly this is my first time sampai singapore , johor?erm kali kedua rasanya tu pun masa study UKM , pegi pun sehari semalam ja smpt ke Danga Bay and mall pe ntah tak ingat .So this time mmg rasa sgt best la sebab pegi with AJf rania and my mother in law.Ajf 's origin family is johor-ean ,thats why he loves laksa johor okayy..so sampai di johor direct ke ajf"s uncle di kebun teh .:) very nice family , macam stay kat hotel je but we only stay there one night and checked- in hotel :) .

We supposed to checked in on 9th may noon , but ajf ajak i pegi JPO ,

 Johor premium Outlets  the famous outlets i dgr since i kat saudi , Rasa berkobar-kobar nak pegi bila baca all my blogger friends update tapi once sampaii sana hampa hampeh , biasa ja idakla sale and discounts sgt and not many choices .Takde yang berkenan pun ...just sempat beli my secrets things kat LaSenza , banyak takde size ,For rania at GAP , i thought there are Cotton On for Kids tapi takde and buy handbag for my mother in law as i tak beli pape for her at saudi except jubah and shawl .

For Men , macam AJF seronok la dia sebab all sports shops memang murah macam adidas nike ...:) Food court di situ tak banyak choices after pusing2 we ended up had lunch at Thai Restaurants , itupun recommendation but ajf's cousin ,whom work with Valiram Groups : they have 10 shops there included ,Michael Kors , Charles and keith , Flow , and 7 more , i can't remember . all shoes kat Charles and keith mmg cantek2 and murah gile u all, ada flat i suke only RM 20 but sad things is no my size..semua shoes is either to small or too "giant " .:( its okay , bukan penting pun .

I can see there are more new buildings for more shops i guess....:)

k till we meet again....
gotta take my nap and waiting for "mama" and rania ..:P

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's so simple,as u blink your eyes ....

Marhaba Halwa, 

baking and cooking is my major obsession at the moment ,especially when it comes to show-off to ur beloved , hahehhe ajf loves food so besides being  a good housewife ,i 've bake my favourite ever cake at this time which is Buttermilk skillet cake with walnut praline topping .This is my second time , and alhamdulillah its really  nice and tempting ...owh can't u imagine the sweet praline and the crunchy big walnut yummy and delicious when u serve it on top of warm cake .I couldn't find the buttermilk so i used yogurt .The original recipes is from JOy Wilson in 'Joy The Baker Cookbook ', i didn't buy the book but thanks to ALLAH one of my favourite blogger very kind and shared the recipes in her blog , The Pink Stilettos .(i'm her silent reader hhehe ) 

share the pictures , so tempting masyallah ...

 the first time :)

 warm cake ..

 with walnut praline ..

owh...no i'm starving ...

the special day has come ...

After 7 months berjauhan , hari nya tiba 2nd of may , maka terbang la sayap pari-pari itu :P alhamdulillah tiba di KLIA jam 1pm 3rd of may , oleh kerana rania stay di kulim with my parents so yang dtg ke KLIA hanya lah my habibi,intan payung hubby , my cool sister and my LOVELY mother in law,Happy sgt alhamdulillah ummi dtg jemput and plan to spend time dgn family di kedah .Sounds like a plan ....:)

Huja emas di negara org ,Hujan Batu di negara sendiri 
Baik lagi hujan kat negara sndri sebab jeddah jarang hujan hahhaha.
" as usual , i'm not good in peribahasa hahahha failed.:p

Terlalu gembira sampai tidah dapat digambarkan lagi , so from KLIA direct la bergerak ke kulim , it takes 4 hours non-stop drive to kulim .Selama 4 hours tu la perasaan takut , anxious dalam hati can't imagine reacksi rania bila tgk i nanti after 7 months mommy takde tup tup balik kan ..

ALHAmdulillah , Ya ALLAH swt , kau dgr doaku ya ALLAH ,rania terpinga and jerit like a cute n ngada girl terkejut ( muka like kata Ohhhh mmmmmy God la kan ) hehehe MOMMMMMMMMYyyyy , where u go?
ape lagi meraung la i macm org gile :P hhahaha over kan ? hello lama tau tak jumpe my darling princess..

Masyallah terlal banyak yang i missed - she totally more adorable , berabuk speaking plus baby grumbling talk . hehe , the famous and most favourite questions  is ,,,

1) mommy, where u go 
2) mommy , whats that ?
3) pis instead of please 

and she also call us ( ajf n me ) ,,,come on guys , lets go car ...amboi budak kecik ni panggil mak bapak dia guys ?hehhe now mommy can tolerate besar nanti panggil guys mmg nak kena la kan..:P

But overall i'm so happy double happy even cuti yang singkat , but seriously we had fun so much fun ....:) a good short quality holiday .:) and seen rania grow up as a wonderful kid.

and all she get from Disney channel..and my parents also ..tq mak walid and rania's aunty and uncle , bibi-na , bibi and ami ..muah 

Rania , mommy mungkin nampak jahat cause i left u , but trust me syg mommy do this for u syg better life as mommy need experience for my career syg .mommy still have my "janji " to ur grandparents .hope rania faham .and mommy don't need kesian from anybody because mommy pegi bukan sebab baba can't afford to jaga kita tapi baba boleh bagi lebih pada kita ,baba terlalu baik izinkan mommy pegi syg....he is kind n undestandingand always support mommy .SO rania tak perlu di kesiankan as mommy bukan letak rania di rumah anayk yatim ke anak kebajikan ke , but i know u in good hand .with mak tok and tok walid ..

sayang rania ...

lebih kurang gini la reaksi princess rania masa nampak mommy ...:P

and terlupa , nasib baik dia tak ikut her baba, rania love to wear dress and hate pants sebab dia nak jadi ....Mommy , i want dress piss ,,narnia is fancy ( rania is princess ) 

Don't ask me how she get fancy hahah,,but its sounds alike tho hahhaha,:P my mom also no idea mana dia dapat same macam orange ,she called it 'ornish '..hahahha

salam ,good night saudi-an ..

The Art of "cam-whoring"

بسم الله 

I 'm not into "camera" just satisfied with the "normal camera " to ' capture every moments in my life .I love to be in the picture MORE than be a camera-man.:P so with the advanced technology ,love enjoy  capture pictures using my blackberry  rather than beratkan my handbag dengan digital camera ke hulur ke hilir .that's why sometimes u will see my pictures too close and seems like to find right angle to obtain a much " cute photo with my phone camera .

Actually i plan and survey for Polaroid camera , and interested with brand :fujifilm .like this one .

cool kan , mmg murah only rm200++ but the film , tak boleh la nak snap-snap pictures sesuka hati macam digital camera and delete , kena betul-betul ready .For me  i love candid photo , its a real ideology of pictures.:) so Poloroid . u hve to wait first ,,:P

hahaha :P sampai la i balik for my vacation , Ajf is so lucky when he attended his annual company dinner , he won a digital camera  ,it  is not an ordinary camera  bagi i la .it is NIKOn coolpix, seriously nikon is marvelous .love iit so much .the photo is so details ....no words can i desribed the " clear " and origin color of "life "in nikon pictures .

Nikon coolpix P300, and knowing ajf will just let this nikon "alone" in the wardrobe better i bawa ke saudi .:) kan?so i guess i will continue the art of cam-whoring finding a right angle to make sure i look FAT in pictures .hahaahha its reallt better and ideal for me..Thank You hubby , 

See u guys later , inshallah try my best to update about my holiday .
Love u all..

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saudi Airlines

salam ,

Masyallah after long time my bad :( miss blogging so much . By the way i'm just came back from short holiday  ,was like 3 weeks ONLY but alhamdulillah at least i got holiday to see my beloved in Hometown .
will update all the activities next entry ( when ? hahaha no idea & don't want to promise anythings )
Conclusion: my AJF and i already made decision regarding life career and our precious daughter rania BUT like i said and we always know , we just planned but ALLAH knows better and the BEST .

Okay back to my Post entry : Saudi Airlines,not that i don't trust our MAS airlines but i just think in terms of saving  , MAS cost u more +++ compared to saudi airlines which my return ticket to malaysia only SR 1800, and if i'm not mistaken MAS 's fare is double ?? i don't mind sitting for 8 hours in economy class or so whatever , what important is i arrived safely , right?BUT when something happen ...i mean like when u trust people to take care of your things, or property ..suddenly it missing and the only words that u heard is " i have no idea or i don't know comes out from that particular people : seriously i don't think so we can be NORMAL at that moment .IT happen to me last night once i arrived in jeddah airport, one box (full of foods) is missing !!!!!only belacan , bunga kantan but still ..its my property !!!!i've heard before one of my friends lost her luggage , i just ignored it but now it happen to me .and what can i do is only crying and praying i will get back my box and NO MORE to Saudi Airlines....

hehehe today  i received call from saudi airlines ,and they already found my box.yehaaaa..can masak nasi goreng belacan .and i 've been thinking come on lets give them try saudi airlines not to bad actually (no liquor) , maybe only once inshallah after this no more "missing luggage " hehehheh luggage bag up to 50kg and cheap too...:P

so sleepy , have to sleep now ,
chow inshallah will update all my adventures, exciting holiday in my next entry ....and  rania's reactions? and behaviour once she saw me after 7 months be apart..

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